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I like to write in my free time, im by no means a professional but I put my heart and soul into everything I write. All feed back is appreciated. https://None. United States.
KATILDI Oca 02, 2023
Inka Knight+ Seviye 4


Silver Bloodline

A mysterious curse forced lycanthropy on the humans of the world without a werewolf bloodline and caused the end of humanity. Follow the Marked brother and sister wolves and a boy named Keith who somehow survived the curse and travels with the two.
7.5k görüntüleme 8 9 Yeni bölüm Her hafta


A group of 3 friends wonder into the local forest that's rumored to be haunted, as part of a long standing tradition in the town. Inside they discover it's terrible secrets.
2.8k görüntüleme 1 2 Yeni bölüm Her hafta

Dead Gods

An unfortunate accident leaves a man trapped in acave that leads him to darker secrets. Short story contest.
5.5k görüntüleme 1 1 Hikaye tamamlandı


A man relives moments from life as it flashes before his eyes. Short story contest.
5.2k görüntüleme Hikaye tamamlandı

Don't go there

A story of loneliness and sadness. The effects that neglect and abuse have on a child. A mysterious adventure featuring Arthur and Rabbit. Arthur awakens to find him self in a strange yet beautiful new world without any memory. Follow his story as h…
5.1k görüntüleme 13 5 Hikaye tamamlandı

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