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My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by Radioactive goo waste affected him to reduce slow down into miniature doll-size. He discovered on the second adventure and help someone on solve problems.

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Trouble of Break-up

Second episode pilot outside of front yard at 702 Liberty Lane of Seville house... "La! I am mowing on the large grass by my own miniature lawnmower that my adopted son Simon creates it for me. Huh?" "Panting! Excuse me. I need your help," Little Mr. Seville. Drake Mallard as Darkwing Duck aka of his new neighbor stopped to run from his house. "Yeah! But, You seem serious and tell me what's wrong," Mr. Drake Mallard. My miniaturization husband Dave Seville replied to him recently. "Sighs. When I was coming home from captured my foe enemy Negaduck, so my wife Morgan is waiting for me, but she asked me something about anniversary wedding that I forgot to bring some gift to her, nor my wife Morgan very furious and started to zap me turned into A talking Yak last night. Do I need to hide before she will find me please," Little Mr. Seville?! "Calm down. Follow me and Come on," Mr. Drake Mallard. He escorted him in his house recently.

Duration in the chipmunks' room... "I can't fit in your dollhouse is smaller than I am," Little Mr. Seville. His new neighbor Drake Mallard as Darkwing Duck said. "Sighs. I bring my adopted son Simon's shrinking Ray to zap you now," Mr. Drake Mallard. My miniaturization husband Dave Seville started to press a button on. "Whoa!? I'm shrinking like you are?" He been reduced to miniature size by Simon's shrinking Ray recently. "Come with me in my dollhouse." My miniaturization husband Dave Seville escorted him into his dollhouse.

Whatever funny happens at the front red door of 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... "Hello Morgan Mallard, you are seriously and tell me what's wrong?" Dave's normal-size beloved wife Dionne Seville heard it was ringing the doorbell and opened this to take a look at Drake's wife sorcerer Morgan Mallard is here. "I don't care my husband Drake Mallard forgot my anniversary Wedding gift yesterday that's why he is so idiot," Mrs. Seville! She was annoyed and upset about it. "It's okay. Come in. I bring you some coffee now," Mrs. Mallard. Dave's normal-size beloved wife Dionne Seville said. "Sure," Mrs. Seville.

At the upstairs... "I will tell Dave about this." My adopted red-clad ten years old CGI animated remake troublemaker son chipmunk Alvin Seville peeked at them. To be continued...

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