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Brianna Clark

An adventurous, yet romantic story of a friendship between the undead queen and the ghostly newcomer.

LGBT+ Tüm halka açık.

#romance #fantasy #ghosts #zombies #lgbt #lgbtq #undead
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As we meet

            During a cold and dreadful night, there were rumors of a cemetery located in the mountains. Rumors also had it where those who are deceased would come to life during nighttime. On that very same night, a ghost resembled as a female floats out from her grave, curious as to what is going on. “Oh dear, where am I, and why does my body feel light?” , said the ghost girl as she stays floating around her tombstone. She turns and looked at the readings in her tombstone, saying:

“Here lies Amanda Vanderwood

Death by Electrocution


As the girl looks at her own tombstone, her eyes opened wide in shock as she realizes what is going on. “I-I….I died….it can’t be… I can’t be dead!” said the girl in shocked. As shocked as she would be, she someone does not remember her name being Amanda. Additionally, she did not remember how she died, or being dead period. She would try to cry, but her tears would be hard to see through her visible ghost body. Instead, she has decided to hover around the cemetery and see what she has to offer. Around the cemetery, the girl wanders around and has basically seen the same exact thing: tombstones, tombstones, and more tombstones. However, when she wandered into the very deep end of the cemetery, she notices a forest covered in nothing but large trees and heavy fog. The girl would just ignore it and keep looking around, but she notices a large figure moving deeper into the forest. “Hm…who’s there?”, she asks cautiously. The figure would be shocked by her voice and runs out of sight. “WAIT!”, the girl yelled while lifting her right arm up to reach out to the figure. Amanda, if that is her real name, felt a bit worried that the person in the forest might be in some kind of danger. Furthermore, she becomes courageous and decides to soar into the forest to save the mysterious figure from harm.

Amanda looked around to try and find the shadowy figure, but she could hardly see due to how much heavy foggy is in the forest. Yet, at the end, she sees something with ruby red-colored eyes glowing through the fog. Its eyes were shining like fireworks during a fourth of July celebration. The girl sighs in relief and gets closer to it and speaks, “Oh hello there, you ran off without a word, I was ju-“. Before she could finish what she had to say, what she thought was the figure had its eyes glow a brighter red and started to growl at her. The figure reveals itself to be a grim: a red-eyed, dog-like guardian of the cemetery. Its reason for wandering around the forest was to search for an undead zombie, which has ran away from its grave, and its job was to bring it to justice. However, the grim has thought up a new plan: chase the ghost girl and force her back to her grave. Amanda did not like what the dog-like grim has thought up, so she started to back far away from it and fly off. The grim’s fangs grew sharper as it looked at its prey is getting away. Amanda flew as fast as possible from it, but the grim runs quickly to the point where it is catching up to the girl. Few minutes of being chased later, Amanda looked back to see that she has lost the grim throughout the forest. Meanwhile, it seems that she lurked into the unknown part of the forest. It looks as everything in this part of the forest is covered in nothing but half-dead animals and vine-covered trees. The animals gather around the girl’s floating feet, sniffing her and wondering who she is and where she came from. “Oh haha, hello! My name is….Amanda I guess..? I am being chased by a grim, who is the guardian of the cemetery, and I need a place to hide or else it will catch me”, explained Amanda as she goes on her knees, softly petting one of the animals. Amanda looks forward, shocked as she realized there is a cliff nearby. However, on the edge of that cliff is a special grave. The grave had several flowers covering the burial ground, plus a tombstone with numerous vines wrapped around it. The moonlight coming from the night sky even makes the grave look more beautiful than the graves Amanda has seen in the cemetery. “Whoever’s grave this is, she must be a very special one.”, Amanda thought. When she walks closer to it, most of the animals ran in front of her, blocking her way. It looks as the animals are trying to block her from getting any closer to the grave. When Amanda was going to ask them as to reason why she could not get close to it, the grim jumps into the hidden part of the forest and growls at Amanda. She started to feel frightened of the grim and shivers in fear, but the animals decided to jump in front and protect the girl from the sinister grim. A few rabbits and a deer pounced on the grim, but the grim knocked them over to the side of the forest. One rabbit bounced back up and tries to attack the grim, but the grim grabbed it with its sharp deadly teeth and starts ripping the rabbit’s body out piece by piece. The rest of the animals were grossed out in fear of what the grim has done and cowardly ran out of the hidden forest. Amanda was left alone in the forest with the grim. “Please do not hurt me, I did not do anything wrong.” , said Amanda as her tears roll off her visible ghost-like face. As the grim gets closer, it starts to speak to the girl, “Oh and about that guardian crap, it was all a lie, I only said that so I could eat the souls of the undead…and you, my dear, are my main course”. Amanda, still frightened and helpless of the grim, backed up slowly towards the grave of the unknown deceased person laying under it. Amanda hold onto the tombstone sacredly and cried, “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME!”. As the grim jumps out to pounce at the girl, several vines flew out from the trees, wrapping around the grim like a burrito. All of a sudden, the grim’s evil facial expression started to look worrying as it looks at the person climbing out the grave behind Amanda. Amanda looked curious as to what the grim is looking as, so she looked behind her and eyes grew large in amazement. The woman with unkempt brown hair covered in vines, and pieces of her body parts disintegrated behind her long ripped dress, death glares at the grim. Her eyes glow as yellow as the sun as she speaks for the first time, “How dare you torture a poor ghost girl, you should be sent to the cemetery prison for what you are doing to her…”. Before she could continue, she was frightened by the blood and guts ripped apart from one of her animals. The woman walked forward towards the grim and started speaking in a demonic tone, “YOU DID THIS DIDN’T YOU, YOU TORTURED MY BABIES, YOU SHALL BE PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY!”. The woman would raise her arms up, using her fantastic, supernatural abilities to make the vines crush the grim to the point where it is losing the ability to breath. The woman lifts up one of her sharpest vines, sharp as a kitchen knife, and points it towards the grim’s neck. Due to her control, the vine would cut through the grim’s neck smooth as silk, making the blood and darkness ooze out from its body. Blood would splatter all over the flowers, the trees, on Amanda, and herself. After the blood stopped shooting everywhere, the woman would look back at Amanda, shivering as to what she has just witnessed. “You are NOT allowed to be here, this is a sacred place for only me and my animal friends…begone child.”, explained the woman as she squints her yellow eyes at the girl. Amanda gets up and clears her throat as she speaks to the woman, “Ma’am, whoever you are, I have nowhere else to go. I can not go back to my grave in the cemetery because who knows how many more grim are lurking into the other side of the forest…. Plus, you look lonely here.”. The woman with make a pissed off face at the girl and yells, “I am NOT lonely, I have my flowers, my vines, and my animals. YOU are the lonely one here. In addition, you do NOT know anything about me, you do not even know my name!”. “….Mulysa isn’t it?”, asked Amanda as she points to the words on the woman’s gravestone. “….Nosey much…sigh.. yes my name is Mulysa…and sorry for being rude, I am not fond with….ghosts” explained Mulysa as she sits on the edge of the cliff next to her tombstone. “Do you not like me because I am only a ghost?”, asked Amanda as she walks closer to Mulysa. Mulysa would look back at the girl, with blood-colored tears flowing out of her eye sockets, and speak, “When I died, I wished that I would become a ghost, just like you, but instead my body decides to look like…THIS! Now everyone at your cemetery despises me and ran me out to the point where I was lured into the forest by the kind animals, which you have seen earlier.”. Amanda felt curious about how Mulysa died, but did not want to feel nosey again, so instead she decided, “You know what, I do not care how undead you are or how people think of you and I, I would be honored to be your friend!”. Mulysa wiped her tears of blood off her broken face and smiled a little at the girl, while Amanda smiled back. “Thank you…”, said Mulysa as she walks over to hug her. While Mulysa is hugging her, Amanda hugs back and said, “Oh by the way, my names Amanda. It was my grave name when I floated out from my cemetery.”. From this day forward, the girls decided to become friends and never be separated from each other ever again. I guess you could say this is the start of an “Undead Friendship”.

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