In a kiss you gave me inspiration, so a poem I wrote in reward.

Romantizm Young Adult Romance Tüm halka açık.

#love #peace #romance
Kısa Hikaye
okuma zamanı
AA Paylaş

You (an)

You are sometimes bitter as medicine but yet still being a cure.

I've felt this, I've tasted in your lips tentation, oh redemption! Oh pleasure without measure!

Why are you so sweet but then again you give me indifference? How can I make you more mine when you are not even yours?

Baby girl, bittersweet, give me a kiss.

You are as fragile as a leaf in autumn, easily crushable, adorable, but, in appeareance though like bottom rock.

You've been that angel whose demons and their sins I've pulled out whispering like conjuring nothing but desire, girl, my heart is on fire, I can't conjure wrong, this is love.

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