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The planet of Cinthyatar adores physical activity, mainly sports! Soccer, basketball, and baseball are some of the low popularity ones. The most popular sport on the planet is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since the Cinthyan race is naturally pacifistic, the cybernetic men and women who watch this sport on Holovision are always mesmerized by the punches and kicks thrown. Follow the story of the most popular female MMA champion, Rodrey Mitchells, as she lives her daily life as a celebrity athlete and faces the biggest challenge in her career... Part of the SARTAM universe.

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Hard Spin

"YOU GO, RODREY!!!" a young man shouted amongst the massive crowd from the front row seats of the arena.

She had her on the ropes. Rodrey Mitchells, the second best female MMA fighter, had successfully worn down the champion on the heavyweight division compared to her lightweight, Barbara Stephen. Even though she knew the size and weight advantage were on her opponent's side, the young brunette used her smaller stature and speed to give her the edge she needed to take home the win.

"Stop... dancing... around... you annoying bitch!" Barbara angrily shouted between breaths while just barely missing her stike to the brunette's face.

Rodrey smirked in response, enjoying the fruits of her labor when it came to figuring out Barbara's weakness: Stamina.

"Since when was makin' use of your size a dance, doll?" She responded with a coyness, severely irritating the burly woman.

"Just get ready to catch yourself, Barb. Because you're going down to the ring ground..."

The burly blonde woman looked at the brunette with a confused expression on her face right as she witnessed her perform her signature technique: The Dual Roundhouse Kick. With a lightning fast movement, Rodrey struck Barbara in the right cheek with her the front of a left foot strike before spinning around and followed up with a right heel kick. The sheer power from the combo brought the worn-out heavyweight champion down, face planting onto the ring. Everyone in the audience was stunned with silence, even the announcer...

"RODREY MITCHELLS IS THE WINNERRRRRRRR!!!" The announcer enthusiastically roared out to the crowd, with everyone still maintaining their silence for a moment.

The audience erupted with cheer for the young brunette woman as he as well as the referee who stayed out outside of the ring in fear of Barbara, helped the winner up just as they saw her fall to her knees in exhaustion and almost fell face first onto the ring floor. Rodrey then raised both of her arms with her thumbs pointing up, and the crowd began chanting her name with great enthusiasm. She was now the best female MMA fighter...

Some time later and after the match-up, the young brunette had gone to her private locker room and began to pack her sports uniforms (a small white sports top and matching colored baggy shorts) into her black duffel bag. As she did, though, Rodrey stopped and slowly turned around with a look of unsatisfactory on her young face upon seeing a scrawny female dressed in a light blue blazer and black pencil skirt walk up behind her just as she was about to leave the stadium through the backdoor.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't my super star!" The woman said enthusiastically with a big smile on her white face.

"Gotta have a word with you before you head out home, sunshine!"

"Figured as much, Lav." Rodrey replied plainly as she leaned up against the backdoor exit and sighed with disappoval.

"That's why I was trying to pack up my shit early. Ya know, before you found me and offered up yet another deal..."

"Oh, chill your tits!" Lav responded as she approached the champion and playfully punched the brunette's right shoulder.

The black haired woman noticed Rodrey's frustrated demeanor and stopped messing around. Her matter was of utmost importance.

"Okay, here's the deal. You did great against Barbara Stephen, babe. However, your audience is still dying for another spectacular fight. You know damn well what, too." The agent stated eagerly, causing Rodrey to roll her red eyes and cross both her arms.

She then pulled out 3 different holographic cards and held them up to the brunette's face, causing her to shake her head as she motioned her to leave...

"Fuck no, Lav!" The female champion yelled out in genuine frustration.

"You know better than to do that kind of shit to me! I ain't doing it..."

Angry, Rodrey hastily turned her back to her agent and raised her right hand up with her middle finger pointing straight up. Lav then made a face of pure surprise while realizing that her client had the audacity to flip her off just as she exited the stadium through the backdoor. The black haired agent then stumped her right heel into the ground in frustration.

"SHIT!" She groaned out as she placed her forehead into her left hand, trying to figure out what to do next.

Outside of the stadium, Rodrey began to calm her nerves and start to walk her way to her luxury home. Before she did, though, she saw a young man with light brown skin and curly black afro hair sitting on the steel ground below her. From her observations, It looked like he had been there since the fight with Barbara ended in the afternoon. It was early night now...

"Um... Hey there, guy." The young brunette said to the tired looking young man.

"You run away from home or something? Because you look a little young to be a hobo out of the street. I know the homeless people around here..."

"Yeah." he answered blankly while continuing to stare downward, avoiding eye contact.

"Had a verbal argument with my mother. Left the house and didn't wanna go back there tonight..."

"But why are you hanging out right here in front of the stadiumz though?" Rodney asked with genuine concern as she then looked left and right.

"Don't you have other relatives? Or friends you could stay with instead of, you know, living out your hobo fantasy and possibly getting wrecked by adults bigger than you. You are VERY short, my dude..."

"I FUCKING KNOW THAT I'M SHORT! DON'T REMIND ME, DAMMIT!" the young man yelled out in frustration.

Upon hearing that, Rodrey was taken aback by this young man's firey attitude. It reminded her of herself when she was 18 years of age, Sitting alone outside of the Cytorae City in the dark with nobody to go to for support, Those thoughts made her act and in turn do something different. At least for the young man...

"Hey... Um, what's your name?" The brunette asked with genuine curiosity.

The young man's head tilted upward slowly and his red eyes looked at her on his right side. She was mesmerized by the red glow of compared to her own eyes, being the exact same color.

"Jeivon..." He answered with a plain look on his face.

"Jeivon Yeedil. And I know who you are already. You're Rodrey Mitchells, my favorite MMA fighter. You won your fight against Barbara Stephen some time earlier today."

The young man was then visibly taken by surprise when Rodrey extended her left arm out while smiling brightly down at him.

"Well, It's not an introduction if I'm not doing it, kid. Rodrey Mitchells, Best Female MMA fighter in all of Cinthyatar. So, since you're by yourself, you wanna grab a bite to eat before going to stay the night at my place?" She said to him with a sweetness in her tone of voice.

The young man grabbed the brunette's left hand with his right, getting up to his feet.

"I wouldn't want you to have to waste money on a lower class Cinthyan like me..." Jeivon responded meekly, appearing to not want to get up.

Rodrey frowned upon him saying that, Realizing that he may have an inferiority complex.

"You rather spend the night out on the empty streets and possibly get your ass beat? Suit yourself..." she replied with a shrug, starting walking away without him.

As the brunette did and got further away from him, the young man began to hastily walk after her. Upon arriving at her left side, Rodrey smirked at calling his bluff.

"That's more like it, Jeivon." She thought to herself as they walked together in the night.

The pair walked for about 10 minutes before arriving in front of a restaurant with a fancy black and pink design. Rodrey and Jeivon looked at the neon sign that read, 'Pollux Entrée Palace'. Seeing to digital sign on the the glass window saying 'CLOSING. TAKING ONE MORE OUTSIDE ORDER' as well, the pair looked around, found two empty chairs & a round table and sat down in them. Once doing so, their wait wasn't long before a young woman with white skin and straight long silver blonde hair with a with long sleeve crop top, knee high khaki skirt and black stiletto heels walked out of the glass double doors of the restaurant...

"Hello sir and ma'am! Welcome to my restaurant! What can your host, Paulena Pollux, get you this evening?" She spoke with a bright smile.

Rodrey and Jeivon then watched as the silver blonde extended her arms out to the two of them, her left her to the brunette and the right to the young man. They reached their opposite hands out to grab at Paulena's wrists and upon doing so, the pair began to see restaurant's menu with their own glowing eyes. After some time, Rodrey had made up her mind on what she wanted to order...

"Let me get the Spaghetti Alfredo and Meatball Orbs with a clear soda, please. Make em large and inject extra marinara sauce in them..." she said with an excitement in her voice.

Paulena nodded at the young brunette woman before she turned to look at Jeivon, who was still looking over the menu for what he wanted to eat.

"What's taking you so long, Jei?" The young brunette asked playfully over at him from across the table.

"Don't make me have to choose for ya! You may not like what get you, dude!"

"I know what I want, Rodrey." The young man replied with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"It's just that it's expensive..."

Rodrey rolled her eyes and smirked a little bit at Jeivon in response.

"Just get it, ya slow poke! First rule when hanging out with a woman, never let her go hungry. It might save you from a punch to the face one day..." She said coyly and with right wink.

The young woman then gave him a half smile upon seeing him nod and then look away nervously, thinking that the punch to the face was going to occur soon.

"Let me get 6 quadruple Bacon & Cheese Burger orbs with a clear soda, Paulena." Jeivon said as he looked over to her at his left.

He and Rodrey then released the palms of their respective hands from each of the silver blonde woman's wrists as the food and drink orders are now confirmed.

"Coming right up!" She enthusiastically exclaimed to both of her customers.

Paulena then turned to walk back into her restaurant but then stopped in place and turned back to face the pair again.

"Cold nodes or ice cubes for your sodas?" She asked while looking at them moving her right index finger left and right repeatedly.

"Cold nodes." Rodrey responded quickly.

"Don't have to worry about the ice meltin' into my drink..."

Jeivon then nodded in agreement, smiling shortly after the young brunette saw hee face.

"AWESOME!" The silver blonde replied with a bright smile to the both of them.

The pair watched as Paulena turned around once again and entered her restaurant, skipping happily around on the inside. The brunette and young man then looked at each other and shrugged, not understanding why Paulena was so overjoyed seemingly every time she spoke. It didn't seem to matter much to them anymore when their food had finally arrived 20 minutes later...

"OH YEAH!!!" Rodrey exclaimed as she saw her and the young man's food on a black platter in the silver blonde woman's hands.

She and Jeivon's mouths began to water, and their respective dinner plate as well as drinks were placed in front of them. They were ready to eat.

"Thank goodness, I thought you were never going to come out of there!" Jeivon said to a visibly tired looking Paulena.

"Had to make sure... your food was top quality..." She responded with a lengthy yawn in between her sentence.

"And that is my last order for tonight. I am going to close the restaurant now. My spherical drones will handle the transaction while I clean up the interior. Good night, sir, and ma'am..."

Rodrey and Jeivon watched on as a tired Paulena stumbled back into her restaurant, turning off the lights from within. After no longer being able to see her, the pair then turned their attention to their respective dishes. Both of them were licking their lips from hungry as the steam from their food rose up to each of their noses, further fueling anticipation...

"Not waitin' any longer, Let's dig in!" Rodrey said to the young man.

Jeivon watched on in genuine surprise as the brunette began to scarf her Spaghetti Alfredo and Meatball Orbs down with her hands, completely ignoring that her food platter had a chrome colored on it. He then looked down at his Quadruple Bacon & Cheese Burger orbs and took the fork that was on his black and pink platter into his right hand, picking up one of the orbs. The man slowly inserted the food into his mouth as his curious eyes found their way back to looking a Rodney just as she bit into one of her meatballs. Jeivon nearly spat out his food and laughed when marinara sauce from it squirted out and down onto the brunette's white tanktop, staining it greatly.

"Fucking shit..." She groaned out with red sauce dripping from her mouth.

Rodrey then looked over at Jeivon, who immediately looked down at his platter while trying to hide his smirk.

"So, my misfortune is funny to ya, huh?" She said coyly.

"Once we get to my place, one or two noogies outta put you in your damn place!"

The young man looked up just as the young brunette wiped the marinara sauce off from her mouth with her right hand, revealing a devious smile. Jeivon smiled back nervously while eating another of his burger orbs. It was then that Rodrey turned her attention to her tall cylinder glass of clear soda with a black circular node in the center. She immediately placed the back of her left hand onto the glass to see if her drink was cold already, only to realize it was not...

"Wow, Paulena..." the brunette thought to herself as she looked at her clear colored drink glass.

"You were even too tired to activate the cold nodes on our glass drinks tonight."

Rodrey then reached her left index finger around to the left side of the glass and pressed the small black circular device. Upon doing so, a light blue pulse flashed inside the clear liquid, and she once again placed the back of her hand on the glass. Her drink glass now felt cold to the touch. The brunette then picked up her glass and began to chug her drink down, emptying it before slamming it down onto the table. She then looked over at Jeivon, who hadn't made much progress on his food or his drink...

"I think we oughta take that to go, Jei..." Rodrey said to him. He nodded in agreement.

Shortly after her saying that, the pair saw a hovering black & pink spherical drone exit from the inside of Paulena's dark restaurant carrying a matching colored cube. The robot had the names of the pair listed on their screen, with Rodrey's picture soon enveloping it.

"Rodrey Mitchells." The drone spoke in a robotic female voice.

"Are you paying for yourself, or is this a joint order?"

"The second one..." the young woman answered, smiling at Jeivon.

He looked away, embarrassed at the fact that he couldn't go dutch for the meal at the very least. The young man hated that idea of a woman doing everything for him.

Upon hearing Rodrey's response, the spherical drone dropped the black & pink cube onto the table and went back into the dark restaurant. The young man then grabbed the cube, pressed it, sucked all of his food into it, and stood up from his chair. Having finished her food, Rodrey stood up from her seat as well, and the pair began to walk back to her place...

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