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A famous couple gets lost on an island, it is such a tough situation for the two but it’s up to them to encounter all situations until help arrives

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The crash

'How are we gonna get out of here’ Camilla asked her boyfriend who seemed to be as confused as she is ' I have no idea, my love’

Kevin stood upright and held Camilla’s hand helping her stand up. They have been in the desert for the second day now and all they had was some left over food they had before their helicopter crashed in an island

The two are a famous couple back in Vegas. They have been together for two years now, Kevin is a well-known footballer in Spain and Camilla is a famous model in Vegas

The day before yesterday was their 2 year's anniversary and Kevin decided to take her to maldives for a week out of the blue the copter crashed but luckily they survived the crash

‘I am hungry’ she complained

Kevin didn't know what to say to her, he just held her hand and started to walk to find a place where they could at least get something to eat or drink

they strolled and strolled but as they kept on walking Camilla’s energy kept on lessening

‘Kevin I don't feel so good’ weakly she told him ‘stay strong my love we are almost there’ he tried giving her hope

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