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Have you ever heard an adventure story about people who get stuck on an island? Maybe it's time to put aside the old clichés because someone has something to say. Johnson, Francois Kimball, Eric Sinson, and Francesco Latoneure form a group of three to escape from prison, but they get stuck on an island! #IslandSurvivor

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It was exactly midnight when we jumped from the prison wall down in the cart of hay and grass that was for the cowboys and farmers of that area, we were not so close to freedom until now.

Eric couldn't believe that we had come so far without even the guards noticing. We were approaching the exit door. Even our steps scared us. We were also afraid of the shadow of a mouse until Eric stepped on a piece of wood and the sound of Its breaking shocked both of us.

As I was quietly shaking Eric's collar back and forth and scolding him, we saw that Francesco walked towards Eric and said to me: "Apparently, some old fish are picking each other's scales. Johnson, remove your hand from Eric's collar and go aside, I will open the door myself"

My endless anger and rage were taking over all of us, I had to do something until I said to Francesco: "Hey Italian, don't you want to cook a pizza?"

Francesco said: "No, but later I will make a ravioli from your meat"

Although Francesco's words were a bit sarcastic, I didn't continue the discussion and waited for Francesco to unlock the door with the pliers he stole from the mechanic.

Of course, we didn't think that he would join us because his wife died in the city just the night before. Yes, we were far from the city, we were in a prison that looks like a prison built in the Middle Ages.

Anyway, Francesco opened the door and we fled towards the city with a boat that we had prepared for escape at the dock near the prison. Craft competitions were held in this prison, and we made a boat. The real mistake of the prison guards was that they had left the ship next to the dock near the prison so that no one would escape, but we did!

As we were going towards the city in the boat that we had made with wood and we had also made an oar for it, we saw that there was a relatively big island on our way. It has just appeared and is on our way. When we checked the map, I noticed that we are going north-east instead of north-west, which is an entirely wrong and dangerous route because there is another prison 14 km from this island!

So we decided to go to the island to rest, and since we had things, bread, water, and some porridge, the whole group agreed. You will thank me later for telling you this now, I emphasize that you should never go to an island with crabs, even if you are dying of exhaustion.

Yes, we entered the island and slept until noon tomorrow.


It was noon, and I had woken up before everyone else, luckily I knew how to make an omelet, and I took 5 of the 14 eggs that I had brought with us. We had stolen from a farmer before. And I broke it and poured it on butter and cooked it. When he smelled the omelet, Francesco came running and wanted to take a piece, and I said: "I will share equally"

When I divided the omelet between myself, Eric, and Francesco, Francesco said, "Don't we have a cappuccino?" Before answering, I said: "Nobody eats cappuccino with an omelet" and I said: "We don't have a cappuccino for your question." Before he came to prison, Francesco was the manager of a cappuccino production company named "Nalotte Cappuccino". He went to Milan and was mistakenly imprisoned due to a mistake in the police investigation; Now what was his crime, he did not say.

Francesco may be a thousand miles away from an ideal person, but he can still be a friend, Francesco may be a thousand miles away from an ideal person, but he can still be a friend. Anyway, Francesco was putting the egg on the bread when suddenly a crab came towards us from inside the cave that was far away from us. When Francesco said: "What is this crab doing here?" Then an army of several thousand crabs rushed towards us, and Eric said: "Collect, go to the top of the trees, and bring a piece of wood with you!"

Eric was a black man who was accused of robbery and unintentional murder; A friend and cellmate who is very similar to Martin Luther King.

We put the things in the cloth we brought with us from the prison and went to the top of the tree, But unfortunately I forgot to bring a piece of wood and it cost me a lot.

We went together to the top of a single tree, and the crabs tried to climb up, some of them reached our feet, and we hit them with a stick, and those evil crabs also fell and hit the ground with their heads. Sometimes I thought we were We collect coconuts.

The crabs missed us until the night, we stayed on the tree for another 10 minutes until we saw a person who looks like a pirate who has traveled to this world with a time machine since ancient times, who collects the crabs and leaves. And I shouted: "Hey, what's your name?" "Call me Wallerman for now," he said.

What was strange was that it he's left foot was even wooden!

The Crabby Nights

After we made sure that the crabs were gone, we came down from the tree and went to Wallerman, when we followed his footsteps, we reached a wooden house, (I will tell you later where he got these woods from) this house, It was the legendary and mysterious Wallerman's house, which was near the same big and distant cave where we were sleeping in the cave opposite to it.

Well, when we knocked on the door again

I saw that bearded face with a scar on the left eye.

He invited us and said that the dinner is ready, of course, if he didn't say that the food is crab meat, I could still guess, I sat on the left seat and Eric on the right side and Francesco on the back seat, facing Wallerman who is on the seat. He was sitting in front of the table, the table on which the food was prepared was a round table.

Behind Wallerman's head, just above the mantelpiece above the fireplace, a large fish impaled on a wooden board expressed a little murmuring fear to all of us, except Wallerman himself.

After we finished dinner, Wallerman asked us to play poker with him, after playing, Wallerman held us and said: "I want to give you a warning if you think you can leave here anytime you want. You are making a mistake because this island has no escape route, this island is known as the island of crab death because anyone who passes a day here is dead, and the reason is that the crabs eat your flesh at night after the first day, and if you are asleep, you will die. "

We asked how to survive and he said: "You just have to not sleep!" And we also laughed and said: "It was very funny, so you didn't fall asleep yourself?" And he gave a very shocking answer: "I haven't slept in 5 years!"

We thought for a moment that he was lying, but he showed the box of sedatives and sleeping pills and said: "I take one-fifth of a sleeping pill and one-third of a sedative and that's how I can I won't die of sleeplessness and I won't get eaten."

We asked another question: "So why is there no way out here?" And he gave an unbelievable answer: "The first reason is the crabs, the second reason is the sharks, the third reason is the equator and the sunlight, and the fourth reason is the sea robbers. The sharks come on the second day and the robbers attack on the third day. And the sun shines very flat on this island, and after the third day, that is, 4 days after the third day, all this will be repeated on this island."

And we asked again: "Well, why did you stay alive for 5 years!?"

He answered that: "I have a lot of guns and ammunition, and every time I hit the robbers, I take ammunition from them for the next time."

When we wanted to ask him how he built his house, he kicked us out and said, "Good night" while closing the door.

And this was the beginning of the story of survival on an island with no escape.

As I was always taking care of our food and ourselves, I used to write everything you read in the notebook that the prison guards gave us so that we wouldn't go crazy.

You might say: "Okay, Johnson broke the fourth wall and made us feel at ease," but no, I'm talking to a crab! No one who finds the possibility of this notebook; OK, I admit I broke the fourth wall, but I don't like to mention it!

I went to Wallerman in the middle of the road with Eric and asked for three colts and enough ammo for the crabs, but Wallerman refused, but when Eric went to Wallerman and talked to him, he agreed. The hidden strength of our group was revealed when I realized that I have a lot of resistance to sleep and sleepiness, so I became the guard, Eric realized that night that he was good at pleasing people, and Francesco was a good cook.

And this process continued until the 66th day, we approached Wallerman and said that we want to leave the island with our boat, because surely someone has forgotten that we exist at all, or they will think that we are dead and they will not care about our imprisonment.

When Wallerman heard the word "boat" he shouted: "You had a boat all this time!??"

And we said: "Yes, we had, but when we met you, we wanted to take you with us on the boat, when we saw that it was not our boat, so in these 66 days, we finished half of the wooden ship, so today we came to get some tools for the whole We will get the other half of the ship in the next 66 days."

And Wallerman said: "If you want to build a ship, you must build it with me!"

And another 66 days passed, with the difficulty and madness of insomnia or at least lack of sleep, we were able to build a ship, the Crab Island ship.

This ship was almost ready, only 3 more days were left to complete the ship, that is, we had 3 days to be fully armed and to arm the ship in such a way that the robbers could not do anything, but contrary to expectations, the robbers did not come on the third day and we also We continued our work and finally got rid of it after staying on this cursed island for 136 days. Of course, before leaving, we wrote a message on a sign saying: "Run away from here" and we left. Of course, no one believes this sign at first glance. Of course, this is also the place

It is surprising and finally:


The reporter asks: "Mr. Johnson, how did you write this wonderful novel?"

"Well, you better ask my author," I replied.

Really, the end.

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