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"Oh." He stood silently, the remaining visible light in his eyes slowly fading away. He took a few steps forward and stood before the derelict cake. "I must have forgotten." He smiled weakly, gaze softening. He dropped the knife covered in blood, wrists showered in bruises and cuts, forces its hand to reach out for the candle that lights up. He covers the flame, protecting it from the non existent wind. He looks around and saw a crumpled paper with a note; his eyes instantly widen as tears start to form in his eyes. 'Take care of yourself.' "It's my birthday today, isn't it?" • "Life is a gift given to everyone, a gift that must be treasured deeply with great care by the individual." That's what they say. That's what old people say, what people with a decent life say, what a delusional person would say to escape from the reality they face. The cruel reality they deny to acknowledge. There is no such thing called a 'Perfect Life' that any person could be able to have. Not with so many problems that get in their way. There will always be something wrong in life. Not everyone has a good family, good relationships, and a proper mindset. One may have, but one may do not have. • A psychological story that revolves the story about a boy who goes through the deepest depths of life at an extremely young age. Will he be able to endure or give up? Who knows. The future will depend thoughts and decisions he makes. • - This book may contain graphic content, read at your own risk! - Rated T / Mature (Teen & Up Audiences) - NSFW RRestricte

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Seven years old.

Ryu was seven years old when he realized everything was torn apart from the beginning.

That everything was a mess before he was even born.

And now nothing makes sense to him.

Not anymore.

There are so many things in life that could bring you down, but they can serve as your motivation, your stepping stone, your reason of your growth.

July 12th, 2005, 15:54pm

Cries of a new born baby and soft sobs from a mother were the only thing that you could hear across the room. Right before her eyes, there lies a boy who has so many future ahead of him, and so many more obstacles he could face in his life, with so much success and power behind him. "My beautiful.. sweet.. little boy.." she said fondly, slowly reaching out for him from the nurse's arms, tears start to form in her eyes as she smiles softly. "My perfect, lovely.. Ryu." There lies a prodigy. A pillar to the family and what brings them together.


All the obstacles, distractions and problems he will face will be at its most extreme stages, there will be harsh truths that will be revealed to him and many people that will drastically change his environment.

His birth was a big, big mistake.

Everything was wrong in beginning. The relationship between the two couples, the two families, the 3 men, the woman, and the three children. It was a mistake.

None of this would have happened if it weren't for that accident. Everything would have been okay if Ryu never have ever happened. Only if he knew, that the beginning of his life is also the beginning of the harsh reality's awakening.

Ryu was held by his mother, infront of his father's family's house. She knocked on the door, patiently waiting for a response. Linna, Ryu's grandmother that is now to be his guardian, opened the door.

There were 3 people behind her, including her husband. On the couch there was a young looking girl, who seemed to be around sixteen to seventeen years old. There were two more boys in the back who seemed young for their coming age, surprisingly they were in their 20's.

His mother, Cheena faced her with a piercing look, but forces herself to smile. "Mother," she pauses, and glances for a moment to the three people in the back, who seemed suspicious of her. She sighed and looked back at Linna; "I'm emigrating to another country, and I want Ryu to be in your care until he's 18 and I'm taking him along with his older sister".

Linna's eyes widened, horrified. The three people in the back were just as astonished. Linna felt agitated, and threw back an argument.

"Pardon? Ryu isn't even a year old yet and you're already leaving him to emigrate to another country?!" Linna exclaimed, angered with the institution. "I need to work for money, I need it to provide the needs of my chi–" Cheena was cut off with a shout, which reached outside for the neighborhood to hear. "WHAT A CHILD NEEDS IS SUPPORT FROM THEIR PARENTAL FIGURES!" She exclaimed furiously, exposing her fist and punching the wall.

"If you're going to be a horrible parent and leave your child to a different family, be that kind of fucking person. But when I tell you there will be consequences when your child grows older in MY care, endure the outcomes when he never sees you as anyone that supported him his entire life, as a parent." the commotion affected Ryu, he starts to softly sob from the harsh noises and starts to tremble.

Linna softened her grip and slowly took Ryu from Cheena's arms, glaring at her. "If you're going to be like this, don't ever fucking call yourself as Ryu's mother." Cheena glared back at her with a frown. She clenched her fists and clicked her tongue.

"I'll take him back once he's eighteen, anyways." Linna rolled her eyes and turned back, he caressed Ryu and rocked him softly to calm him down. Linna stomped her feet and exclaimed; "Scram. I don't ever want to see you in my sight again, nor near MY child."

Cheena curses under her breath, but complies anyways. She turns around and walks away, a car parking infront of the house waiting for her. She opens the door and enters, she whispered under her breath; "I know Ryu will just come running to me whenever he wants to. He won't comply to that old hag."

Reina, known previously as the one who was sitting on the couch interrupts the tension in the household; "Well.. atleast we have company now.. right, Rinjo?" She turns to look at her older brother with a nervous smile, he smiles back and approaches Ryu and slowly took him from Linna's hand as she scurries over to her phone and dial a certain someone's number.

"Hello? Mom, is this you?"

"Your ex-girlfriend is a fucking scumbag." Linna curses, she starts arguing with her son about his previous and present relationship with her. Reina frowns and moves to her room to avoid the situation. Adam, her husband, interferes with the call and tries to stop the argument.

Everything's going downhill now. There will be more that Ryu will be facing now that this happened. It worries Reina, it concerns Reina that at some point of Ryu growing up, he will be wrecked because of the people that surrounds his environment.

This was the start of the pillar breaking down the family and Ryu's own being. But it was already a mistake in the beginning.

Life to Ryu will be home of the devil.

prlg fin.
( rl chapters will be longer )

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