Lily Belle

A wonderful classic story of human ambitions and the price it takes. Read the story about work, love and fantasy.

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#thriller #action #love
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One sunny day

The story begins from the beginning, when Ray Edmond, working in an insurance company, was invited to the director's office one morning. He had thought it was a normal day, but when he entered the office, the anxious face of Mr Abbey, the director scared him, but not really, he has been the company's ace since five years.

'Isn't it such a good day? ' the director smiled.

'Yeah I think so' Ray said subconsciously.

Mr Abbey dropped some files on the table, and sighed. Ray took them up and went through the papers, a fine deal, keep the gold safe and get 100 million dollars- Mr Anthony.

'So who's this Anthony guy?' Ray was quick to ask.

'A rich man in Saul town'

'Saul town? where the hell is that?'

'Down the forest road. anyway, he's asked to meet up in Fox hotel in the capital tomorrow. Make sure to get the deal. safe journey'

Ray knew the last words of the director means a conclusion- no more questions.


The morning breeze made Ray cuddled up. As he set up for the journey after a send off breakfast with his parents, the Ravens he saw beside the morning star is already a cue to the adventurous journey he's about to take.

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