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Villains are often misjudged. Everyone says that the villains are evil, but the only difference between them and the heroes are that the villains have slightly looser morals. One miss Eluna Katt has been having nightmares for a month, and when their life takes a downturn, their determined to find out just when what’s happen her dreams is going to happen in real life.

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People all love the Heroes, but what about the villains?

Their both fighting for the same thing, justice. The only difference is that villains have slightly looser morals.

People say the heroes are hot, but they would sacrifice their lover to save the world. The villain would sacrifice the world for their lover.

People say villains are selfish and manipulative to those around them.

They treat their lovers like their the queen or king, and to them, they are.

They will conquer the world just so their lover can have the throne they deserve.

Villains are misjudged, not only in the world of romance, though. We only see the heroes side of the story, and not the villains.

The heroes are often 18 year old wannabees, too dumb and naive to see that they could be killed just being mugged by low-life thieves, let alone full on villains.

Citizens call villains monsters, but some know that monsters are made, and not born.

Heroes kill the henchpeople of the villains they fight, and people are happy about it. But what about the families of the henchpeople?

Their not happy.

The families say that the hero killed their loved on, but no one belives them, saying that the hero doesn't kill. They fight, saying the their loved one was working for the villain and was killed while doing so.

The rest of the civilians get mad, and shame them for the the families of the hench people of the villain. They end up have no time to grieve.

Hero's and villains are both fighting for the same thing.


They just have different ideas of what that may be.

The villain was broken and bloodied from a young age, a trauma that affected their personality for years to come. This in turn affected their choices, their coices affecting the lives of other people.

The villain is working to make sure that that can't happen to another person. That it won't happen to another person.

Albeit their morals are a little fucked up.

Their looser with killing people to get what they want.

The hero's, however, are not traumatized. But they do want similer things to the villains, sometimes, anyway.

Hero's often start out like the 18 year old wannabe hero's, too young and naive that this isn't a risk-free job, but one where they could die.

If they don't get seriously injured enough to the point they step down as a hero, then they praise and love from citizens feed their ego, so much that its a surprise that they can still work with that big head.

Then their working with false morals, motivated not by their need to help people but instead to get more of the love from citizens.

So they start killing to get the job done.

Kids are raised to hate the villains, and love the hero's, so seldom does anyones mentality change to liking the villains.

Hero's don't care who they hurt.

And the families of the ones they kill are small, their spite insignificant compared to the worship of the the rich families.

The rich families often won't listen to the poor ones when they say that the hero killed their loved one.

They believe their lying, ao their shamed.

Villains and Hero's are both good and evil, their after the same thing.


They just have different ideas of it.

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