Lily Belle

Read and enjoy the beautiful story about the princess called the demon, but rose as the queen of the greatest city of their dynasty.

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The demon princess

Amelia beheld her reflection in the mirror. She could hardly be called beautiful with her tattered dress, wryly pale skin and a pair of worn-out, ugly dark shoes. Her room is dark and stifling, and her windows covered with thick black curtains with a disturbing drawing of a skeleton head, laughing. The walls of her room were also filled with horrid, dark drawings. Amelia's auburn hair hang loosely in the air, and her broad eyes sparkles in the rays of moonlight.

Tomorrow, will be such a great day for every lady in the palace, especially the princesses- except Amelia. An old priestess had appeared at the time of her birth and declared her a demon child, the one to bring badluck to the New moon town. So she had to be locked up in forever darkness to prevent the calamity, or the town will, in the future be filled with six winged demons bringing pain to the world. One day, Amelia had sneaked out, but she was spotted by her weirdness and almost stoned to death. Thankfully, she was saved by her father, the king.

Now that it is New moon festival, the people are indeed anxious. The prince of Coast castle of the great city will be there and all the other beautiful princes and princesses, like The Tigress, princess of Lake city and her sister, Ri, also the three princes of Starry dream dynasty,will also be there. Amelia's sisters, twelve, and the prince will undeniably be busy all night. especially princess Tana, popularly called the Crown of New moon, for her beautiful and elegance, and Princess Silva, the great warrior who had fought victoriously numerous times for the kingdom. The seven fairies of New moon town, and the rest including concubines children.

Amelia could feel the desertness of her world, and wish she could be a normal human.


The morning crow marks the beginning of a busy, jubilant day. princess Tana had especially spend extra long hours on her make up and dress, and the seven fairies were rehearsing the love song to be presented at the festival. The palace is heavily guarded, and the maids are busybodies. The king and queen is in their best attire, purposely because of the coast castle prince, Marvel. He is the second best man on earth. of course there is king of seventh city, who people said to be young and carefree, but marrying one of New moon princesses to him is only a fantasy dream, but to marvel, they vowed to give their daughter...only Amelia is alone, tired of her life.

The party soon began at sunset, and it did not take long for the merriment to fill the air.

Prince Marvel arrived with his guards, along with the other guests. He was specially treated with respect and admiration. The twelve princess of New moon were hovering around him. He is quite a gentleman, and had the face of a dove. he danced all night with the ladies and drank the best wine.


Pious entered the palace gates, not with so much elegance and greatness.

"ah my God!" one of the seven fairies pouted.

Every face seem annoyed to see him dress like that.

"who are you!" a guard thundered "show me your invitation pass!"

Pious brought out a golden feather, and the guard let him go. He wondered in the palace, not knowing where he is going, until he reached a certain alley, as he turned back, he slipped and rolled down the alley with a few cuts. When he stood up he saw an old house, which seem haunted. black smoke oozes out as he approached the door.he gently unlocked the door and entered, Amelia gave a loud yep, she thought it was a ghost.

"and you are?" Pious smiled, enchanted by her hidden beauty.

"don't come near!" Amelia gasped

"calm down" Pious draw closer "I won't hurt you"

He gently pats her shoulder." why are you here alone?"

"It's my destiny" Amelia mumbled.

"Then will you come with me?"

Amelia was surprised. Pious gently kissed her cheeks.

"uh! my soup is burning!"


Midnight came while the merriment was still in the air, and princess Silva was found dead in a pool of blood. princess Tana was not found and it was assumed she killed her because of prince Marvel. All the guests were shivering with horror. The three princes of Starry dream dynasty had hurried away quickly.

Later, princess Tana came badly hurt. She had encountered assassins on her way back from Prince Marvel guest room. she believed he plotted all of the calamity. But the people are not convinced, and ordered her to be killed.

Has the gladiators was taking her away, Marvel enters, hands folded.

"beauty, I can't bear to see you die after a sweet night together" he said and the king was enraged.

"how dare you"

Marvel laughed."oh poor princess Silva, the warrior of the earth, lies in pure blood, oh the defiled damsel!"

"prince Marvel, what are you saying?" the king was astonished.

"I defiled the glory of New moon, now I'm going to take it's power!" Prince Marvel chuckles, then cried out loudly "The power belongs to the Coast Castle! Blackbird! help me! to broaden the empire of the coast castle.

"oh no! the black bird is a bloodthirsty secret army of coast castle! now we're dead!" the queen cried out.

Suddenly, black clothed assassins appeared with blackbird written on headties . And as they were about to take action, pious stepped forward, with Amelia in a beautiful dress

"you do no such thing" the imperial guards of the seventh city appeared with spears in their hands. turns out Pious was the king of the most successful and greatest city, seventh city.. he led them to captive. He married Amelia and crowned her the queen of seventh city, everybody wondered at their story for many years.

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I loved it so much! The vocabulary you used in your story is pieced together very nicely
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