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Chap. #1- 'The Conjunction'

*DreamAyr (D.A) era

Atop the flat-topped heights of Mount Hellion, Chrome, god of murder, war and discord, stood siphoning off the releasing of the raw, detrius magik of the Fifth Celestial Law. The daughter moons and sister-sun, along with the world of Neveryll, were all in celestial alignment, called the Conjunction. It comes every thousand years, and this time the unholy gods knew of this event thanks to Lorah, one of the daughter moons.
This evil immortal, Chrome, gathered in as much of this raw, detrius energy, he could contain. As the magix swelled within him, he reached forth with his evil divinity, touching and calling upon, negative energy, blending the two, using his spark of the divine to maintain control of it all.
White-hot, magik power became a conflagration of wild and chaotic, out of control, power.
This behemoth, exuding discord and murder like sweat, was armored- from horns to hooves- with black and rednull-steelplates. Atop his overlarge head sat a helm of the same metal, looking like a mass of black and bloody asps were fighting to get out from it. Four hateful, red eyes glaring out from the helms eyes slits, were concentrating intensely on the bursts of theurgies- mixing and combining- mighty and devastating, swirling and inundating, on and inside the forge' entirety. Within this dilapidated forge lay a severely twisted, mass of raw,null-steel.

Under the cascade of the combined puissance, the piece of metal was thrashing and distorting, as if alive; trying in vain to resist the awesome powers that were soaking into it… drowning the metal in the powerful energies to fashion a talisman of might. An unholy relic.

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