Cyper Spade

Maybe love is really difficult for some people, but love is unconditional and the most powerful thing in the world. Hermione Jack Revione is a highschool student who dreams to be love by many not until he meets Zachery Peter Wilingstone a college student who major in Psychology. What if Hermione falls for Zachery without knowing that he's the psychopath that everyone is finding? Will he keep it for himself or is he going to hide Zachery?

LGBT+ 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © CYPERSPADE

#love #lgbt #mxm #bxb #psycho #nsfw
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"I don't want this!" Hermione said, he is currently locked up in my basement, I don't want him to run away like he did in the past.

"You can't do anything about it, since you don't exist anymore in your family's eyes!" I just said and got a chair for me to sit on, this guy is so handsome to the point that it's giving me erection.. I want to keep him in my arms until the day I die!

"You said, you're going to help me solve my problem? I thought I could lean on you.. But I guess leaning on you is a bit hard to accept!" he said while crying, '' I just want to keep him longer.. Just until I could surrender myself for the crimes that I did, I just want his attention for just 2 months and I'm going to surrender myself to the authorities!"

"Just give me 2 months and I'll give you the thing that you want the most!" I said as I stood and came near to him, he looked so terrified but I just sat in front of him and touched his face. In 2 months I'm not going to see him.. This is my chance to be with him.

He doesn't answer me but he just cries and that makes me feel guilty, I need to move somewhere.

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