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Three kingdoms live in harmony in a world where magic has been sealed for almost 300 years, in what is known as the lost kingdom of Légales. But everything changes when they learn that an heir to the great throne of Taika is alive. On the other hand, darkness is about to awaken, sweeping away everything in its path.

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The Lost Sword: Sicrammus

It is said that darkness is the greed of the impure, corrupted by the light. What will happen when no one can reverse that thought in the weakest minds? What was once called the magic of the sun, vanished for no reason, thus leaving darkness free from all evil.


We go back to a world that can be easily compared to the Middle Ages, it is a place where magic was never a myth, the ancient books tell that many wars have been fought to have complete control of such magic, which the great believers call it “the power of the sun” referring to the sun god Helios, who is represented as a great golden dragon.
Almost 300 years ago, the vast continent of Inlandin was once the place where magic was the main attraction for foreigners from the East and West. The great castle of Taika was the dominant of the three surrounding kingdoms, to the Northwest is the kingdom of the Bear, to the Northeast surrounded by a huge river, the Celestial kingdom, and in the South known as the kingdom of the end of the world is the kingdom of Venion. Taika was passed down from generation to generation by the Légales clan, the last king was Dam Légales III. Everything seemed to follow as it was written, but something happened, no one knows why, nor what led him to make such a sacrifice, the rumors of those closest to him say that King Dam had seen the end of the world in one of his visions, he preached that the darkness was advancing at an unparalleled pace. What he did next was something that many are questioning even today. He murdered his entire clan, who lay north of the city of Taika, an area of high nobility, all of whom were annihilated with utter brutality by the Taika royal guard. King Dam possessed the Sicrammus sword, passed down from his ancestors, the most powerful weapon in the world, by wiping out his entire clan, the Légales lineage was solely in the hands of King Dam. He sealed the magic and darkness of the entire world within the Sicrammus sword.
The continent of Inlandin was no longer the same, there was not a trace of magic left anywhere. When King Dam found that his spell had succeeded, he murdered his wife and poisoned his two daughters, as there was no one left with the lineage of Légales, Dam finally set fire to the entire castle of Taika. They were never able to find the remains of the body of the last Dam king. The mysterious enigma of the Sicrammus sword was written in thousands of scrolls and books over the years.


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Moon Water Moon Water
Can somebody please read my book? And maybe tell other people? My books called warrior cats.
November 03, 2022, 02:32
All Might All Might
Very good start, I really like the prologue!!
October 26, 2022, 23:54

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