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Madame Lerbrt was respected by local society in ancient Europe, for taking care of abandoned or rejected children by his adoptive parents. On his birthdays that they never spent of 42, Madame Lerbrt always received a gift from his son named Julius, were always expensive gifts. On this birthday, Madame Lerbrt expected some exotic animal as she had wish. What would be the present?

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Madam Lerbrt was genuinely respected by the local society of old Europe, due to her job as a caretaker of several children who were abandoned or rejected by their adoptable parents. A fat woman, with not sufficiently good looks to go with the fortune she accumulated year after year.

She was frequently invited to parties, in spite of her endless hunger (she would eat anything offered at these parties), along with the fact that she was the “mother” of what today is called “shoplifters.”

Her unmeasurable fortune, inherited after tragic marriages throughout the past twenty years, made her a constant presence at such parties.

It was hard to understand how such a filthy, fat woman, full of adoptable children, made her way by marrying the richest men in Europe, becoming widow months after each one, added to the odd fact that nobody would deny that she was well-considered through the eyes of greedy men.

Her only one legitimate child was born during one of these mournful marriages; now, at the age of fourteen, he would be the unique heir of all her money.

The boy has not been living with Madam Lerbrt since the age of five, for he has been studying to become a prince, somewhere in the world. Madam Lerbrt did not want that he lived among the “riff-raff“ she was in charge of.

Madam Lerbrt´s son, named Julius, frequently gave her expensive presents on her birthdays (she would never be older than 42); these gifts were added even higher value when they reached Europe.

To this very birthday, Madam Lerbrt was expecting some exotic animal – a wish made in her last letter to him. She was anxious to get her present, and asked her adoptable creatures to prepare everything for that desired moment.

Everybody was there to see what Julius had sent.

A gold-plated box, 1 meter high to 2 meters wide, lay alone in her garden. Nobody but Madam Lerbrt, of course, could get close to it.

It was getting dark, when Madam Lerbrt ordered everybody to go to the garden, so that they could see what Julius had bought.

They were all anxious to see Madam Lerbrt´s new exhibit that she did not hesitate, and moved towards the shinning box right away.

She smiled after she read Julius´ note, and then pulled a golden chain to open the box; when the box finally dismantled, a naked body loomed up within its golden parts.

Everybody shut up after a horror scream was heard; the chubby and naked body that lay before their eyes was Julius´, Madam Lerbrt´s son.

The naked boy had his fingers and toes cut, his hair had been unbound, and only the scalp, along with some part of the skull under a bloody stain, could be seen. Nobody understood anything at all.

Madam Lerbrt started screaming her son´s name out loud, and everybody could read what the boy had been written in his white belly: “all your filthy sons have been harassed by your former husbands, and so has this very warm , your legitimate son, too, Madam Death…

All the eyes targeted Madam Lerbrt; it was now possible to understand the origin of her richness as well as all the sadness that lay within every child who had lived with her. She then tried to hide herself in her palace, but it was too late.

The older kids, after seeing what had just happened in that garden, set fire to the palace, leaving Madam Lerbrt, with all her richness and greed ,locked up behind.

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