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Janet was an imaginary friend turned into a demon who ruined Edward’s life,but what if she was more? What if..she was harm him? *From my “Poppy McLain’s adventures” story.

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Edward learns the truth about Janet

In a dark bedroom,where the shades were pulled down and the air was stiff,a male corpse sat upright on a bed.

This corpse isn’t dead,though.

The corpse is,in fact,a zombie.His name is Edward Malcolms,a twenty-three year old man who died from getting tortured by an imaginary friend turned real,by the name of “Janet.”

Janet is nowhere to be seen nowadays.

Edward’s wife,Felicity,who is a witch,turned him into a zombie,so he could still live.

His biological children,Ivy and Damien,were also affected by Janet.

Ivy was turned into a snake girl,meaning,she looked like a “normal” girl,except she had gray skin,scales,red eyes,sharp teeth and thin,gray claws.Her tongue was thin and long,too,like a snake’s.

She did reluctantly eat small animals to survive,crying every time she did,because they were “too cute to die” ,just like how Edward reluctantly ate humans to survive.

They had no choice,they had to do it.

And Damien,poor Damien…

He was kidnapped by Janet and turned into a porcelain doll.Then,he was trapped in a circus for months.Felicity always stressed herself out searching for him,trying to protect Ivy and Edward.

But it was all worth it in the end,because Felicity brought Damien back home again,gave Ivy a human form and made Damien able to grow up,even as a doll.

They’re only four years old.

Those were hisbiologicalchildren.

Yes,Damien brought home another girl,who was his age.Her name is Bronte and she was trapped in the circus with him.She’s a witch,like Felicity.Felicity has her learn powers from her ancestors and sometimes teaches Bronte some tricks herself.

The two of them are such wonderful friends,Damien and Bronte.

Not everything was alright,no matter how many spells were used to cover up their flaws.

Edward still hated Janet for ruining their lives…

…As he sat down,Edward noticed that light was forming in his room,changing,twisting..

“Mom? Dad? Todd?”

It was his parents and his older brother,all standing in his room,bloody.

What if they were hallucinations,like Janet? What if this was a result of his imagination?

He couldn’t sit and wonder.At this moment,his family was with him,in his room.

His wretched,hateful family..

“Ah,look at you.A failure.”

“Shut up.”

“Don’t you want to know how Janet came to be?”

“Go away!”

“We’re witches,darling.”

“Witches?! That’s ridiculous,you hated witches! All of you did!”

“Aw sweetie,we didn’t lie about hating witches.We hate witches,except ourselves.”


“We created Janet to end you.”

“You..You hate your own witch community? That’s..that’s messed up.”

Edward took some time to think.His family were witches,only loved themselves,hated other witches and..

…Created Janet?

“You created Janet to hurt me,didn’t you?”

They nodded.

“” Edward seethed,his sharp,razor zombie teeth starting to show.

They didn’t disappear,they all just started to cackle at him,screech at him,scream at him.

Edward lunged forward-

-They were gone.

A pair of arms wrapped around his back-Was Todd trying to strangle him? Like how he did a lot when they were children? Choking him to death?

Edward,teeth bared,hissing,turned to face the culprit-

“Edward! Snap out of it!” Felicity yelled.

His teeth sunk lower,until they were human-sized and he just stared at his wife,not saying anything.

“What were you-“ Felicity was asking,but he held her tightly in his arms and said:

“My family..they hurt us.They made Janet to hurtme,but they also hurt us.It’s their fault.”

“Oh,Edward…” Felicity sighed,hugging him back.

“They were bloody.But I don’t know why,didn’t they just go missing? Are they still alive-“

“We’re not talking about this.”



And so,they just stayed in each other’s arms,desperately seeking some kind of safety for their broken and damaged hearts..

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There are fourteen pictures.The last four will show Edward's family as bleeding demons and Edward as a zombie with wounds from their deaths)

Edward (alive):



Ivy (human form):

Ivy (snake girl form):


Edward's Mom (alive):

Edward's Dad (alive):

Todd (alive):


Edward's Mom (demon):

Edward's Dad (demon):

Todd (demon):

Edward (zombie):

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