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Juliet and Christopher may not be on speaking terms, but she still likes to take a bite out of his organs.It gives her pleasure. Such is the un-life of zombies. *From my “The Playground” stories.

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Juliet likes to eat Christopher’s organs

They weren’t on speaking terms anymore.

Ever since Christopher sided with the children,he and Juliet had a sour relationship. He wanted her to love him again. He wanted them to be together again. They were unstoppable forces.

Why couldn’t they be now?

One thing he knew for sure was that shelovedto eat his organs. It wouldn’t matter. They were already dead. Organs were useless when one was dead.

She couldn’t get enough of the taste. She always picked him, too.

So why couldn’t they love each other for real?


Characters in Gacha Club:

(There are seven pictures.The last five will show Juliet and Christopher as bleeding zombies with wounds from their deaths)

Juliet (alive):

Christopher (alive):

Christopher (alive and in costume) (the red rose was for his wedding.):

Juliet (zombie) (covering her face):

Juliet (raising arm):

Juliet (different bangs):

Christopher (zombie) (now):

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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