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Origin stories of characters from my “Laurence family” stories (+”Asher and the boy”, “Asher loses control” and “Asher’s Alliance”.)

Fantastik 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Kelly’s story

Once upon a time,there was a teenage girl named Kelly Wilson,who had a boyfriend,Tyler Laurence.

Tyler Laurence was the sweetest boy she had ever known.

He didn’t even get break up with her when her younger sister,Eleanor,showed intrest in him.


Well,years had passed and they were a married couple now,in their “Just married” car,off to their honeymoon.

Tyler smiled at her and shut the soundproof window door that separated them from the driver.

Kelly was smiling a moment ago,but stopped when she saw the expression on his face.

Like he…he..wanted to…torture her.

He choked Kelly and said:

“Now that you are Kelly Laurence,I think I should tell you the truth.”

He let go of his hold on her and began morphing..his skin turned blue…his teeth became fangs…his eyes turned red and he grew black wings (He made sure that they wouldn’t bump into anything in the car,so the driver wouldn’t notice).

“’re a demon?” Kelly asked,shaking.She didn’t think demons were real.

“Yes.”He seethed.

“Now,I’ve chosen you for a reason-“

“Chosen me?!Chosen me?!So that’s what this was,all these years?! Tyler-“

“Yeah,yeah,emotions,emotions,blah blah.I’ve chosen you because you’d be a perfect host for the future demons,my demons.Our offspring.Then,they can destroy Earth with me.”

“Hm? What happens if I jump out of this car and ditch this whole thing?” Kelly asked sarcastically,unblocking her seatbelt.She’d rather jump out of a moving car than do this whole thing.

Tyler clapped his hands and she felt her lips closing…her eyes bleeding..her fingers twisting and turning.Then,it stopped and continued.Again and again and again.

“I’ll do this to you.Every day.Don’t talk about it,don’t try to run from me.You are mine.You said so yourself,in your vows.” Tyler sneered.

She sunk deeper into the car seat and he took down the window.

Never had she ever felt so helpless in her life.

“So,you excited for your honeymoon?” The driver asked,smiling.

“Yes,very.” Tyler said.

Kelly was mute.

There was no way she’d ever enjoy life again.

Not when hers was already taken…

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Kelly (teen):

Kelly (teen) (rolling her eyes):

Kelly (adult) (at her wedding):

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