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***Laughing Jack is a Creepypasta created by Snuffbomb.This is just fanfiction about him.I don’t own Laughing Jack.*** After the events in “Not a dream after all” Anya and LJ are reborn as Lilly and Blair.They have two children named Emmy and Maxie and live wonderful lives. But the angel didn’t erase the memories of their previous lives. The truth eventually comes out. Everything will fall apart. Eventually.

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“Wait? We can be reborn?”


I don’t want to completely forget about my life.Heck,I don’t want to forget about it all.

But I don’t want to be myself anymore.

“Is there any way you can give me a new life but I still remember my old one?”

“That’s not how this works.” The angel said.Her voice sounded puzzled,as if she didn’t understand why I was asking such a thing.

“Please? For me?”

The angel said nothing.

“What about me? Can you do the same for me too?” LJ asked.

I stiffened.Why does he act so innocent?

Maybe in the next life I’ll like him.

“Listen,I’m not supposed to do this,but since you guys really want it,I’ll let it slide.”

“Oh,thank you!”

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