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The origin stories of the tragic characters,from Melanie’s adventures. What was their fate?

Paranormal 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Azrail’s story

Once upon a time,in the 1800s,there was a young boy named Azrail Sage Williams.

Azrail Williams didn’t have any siblings of his own,but he had two loving parents and was fairly wealthy,so that was content enough for the boy.

He was rather peculiar,though.He loved talking to ravens,going to the cemetery and hesworethat he could see ghosts.

Being the time that it was back then,everyone thought he was the spawn of satan,the loony rich boy who thought he could see ghosts.Ghosts! Such unholy talk wasn’t allowed!

His parents never reprimanded him,they didn’t see what was wrong about Azrail believing in ghosts and hanging out in cemeteries.

But the townspeople cared.

So,they did the “humane” and “rational” thing and burned down his entire home.Not only that,but they also killed his parents,for “supporting” satan.

Azrail was supposed to die with his parents.But he didn’t.

A young woman who was known as “the unholy witch” had healed him and turned him into a vampire.

But..she left him all alone in the world.

Azrail,now a lonely vampire,had to fend for himself in the world.

He’d do whatever it took to survive.

Whatever it took.

Characters in Gacha Club:


Azrail's Mom:

Azrail's Dad:

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