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Marcia Blythe was just looking for a place to cure her fever. She didn’t expect to meet a strange pale demon posing as a doctor.. …and she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him,either.

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Chapter One

Hey guys! My name is Marcia Blythe and I am sixteen years old. I lived a pretty normal life in Manhattan...until now.

I guess I should start from the beginning.

It was May twenty-eighth,2017.I was coming down with a fever.I didn't think my fever was a big deal even though my throat hurt like crazy.The nasal voiced seventy-two year old nurse said:"Marcia,you better git down to the doctor's office! You can't stay in school." I told her I was fine,but she insisted.

So here I am,walking in Manhattan,looking for a doctor,in sixty-two degree weather and sweating like crazy.

As I was walking, I saw a neon sign over a very unprofessional looking doctor's office.It didn't look like I had much choice,so I walked in.

The waiting room had beige walls and red carpeting.There was dim lighting and strange ornaments hanging around.Like,I saw this gray skeleton on a shelf.This place was creepy as heck! There were bones and beads everywhere.I thought I saw a vial of blood.

I immediately regretted my decision and tried to get out.But the doors were locked!

"Once you get in,you can't get out." said a voice.

I turned around.

The voice came from a pretty young girl,about the same age as me.She had pale skin,pale pink lips,and yellow eyes.She also had purple hair.

She had no name tag and those eyes unnerved me.It was as if she wasn't human...

Wait,that's impossible!I thought,but I sat down anyway.

"If you were smart,then you wouldn't be here." The girl added.

"Wait,what?" I asked,but she didn't have time to answer because that's when a very handsome doctor came in.He beckoned me to follow him.

And like the stupid girl I was,I followed him.He lead me down a hall into an unprofessional creepy doctor room.

There was a comfy chair,some beads and skulls everywhere.The doctor looked like the receptionist,except his hair was red.Like,blood red.Just looking at him calmed me down.His voice sounded otherworldly and seductive.

"Now,sit down.." He said.

"Sure." I replied.

I sat on the chair and watched as he put stuff inside vials and put them in a very,very sharp needle.

He didn't put on a mask,so when he got close, I could smell his breath.It was lavender and satisfying.I felt my eyes close and the world went dark...

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