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Sometimes we lose our hopes because we often think that we only saw the black things and thorns in our lives, never thinking, tons of beautiful things are still there in an abusive world.

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Beautiful Things

Sometimes life burns you alive,

And lead you in the waters to dive,

Swim as fast as you can,

Push all your efforts until its done.

Sometimes life is like a light load,

Live happily when you have the code,

'Be happy', that's their secret,

But sometimes they meet it with regret.

Celebrate and dance, for life is short,

Worth to treasure and no to abort,

For you'll find in life the colorful things,

It surrounds you with beautiful things that sings.

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Solitude She SHE loves writing her thoughts through scratch or neat papers using fine liquid called 'pen' and often SHE uses a solid dust color grey. And ends every literature SHE wrote with one dot. -CLP19 🎀 🚫 AVOID PLAGIARISM 🚫

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