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The origins of the Lucifer characters,all laid out to be seen. What will the stories tell? What will they bring? That depends on the person..

Fantastik 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Vanessa’s story

Once upon a time,there was a young,ten year old girl named Vanessa,who lived happily with her mother.They were both witches,in fact,they even had their own coven.It should have been like any wholesome Mother and daughter relationships.

Except,it wasn't.Not for long.

The mother fell in love with...a vampire.A vampire who was cursed to be one by witches,therefore,he hated them.

But he appeared not to hate witches enough,because he had fallen in love with one.

Still,when she had married him,he asked that she and her daughter rid themselves of their witch powers.

Now,one can't simply "rid themselves of their witch powers" because one is born with it,it can't just "disappear."

The mother eventually got bitten by her husband and became a vampire,like him.She no longer had witch powers.

But Vanessa still did.She wasn't willing to give them up,either.Not even if a stinky man she was supposed to call "her father" told her to.

She got a younger sibling from her two parents.A little boy named Lucifer.The only reason she liked her father's existence was because he gave Lucifer one.Other than that,Vanessa hated the man.

Her Mom wasn't the same,no matter how hard she tried,they could never had the bond that they used to have.

Her younger brother simply adored her.As for her father...Ugh,he hated her.That was fine.She hated him,too.

One day,her parents walked up to her and said:

"Jump out the window.We don't want you anymore."

Vanessa was shocked.Why would they tell her to do something like that?!

They really didn't want her anymore.She looked at Lucifer,playing with his toys.Could she really?

"Now." They said firmly.

She walked up to her windowsill...

...and jumped.

But then,at the last second,she used her powers to stop her fall.Then,she concentrated REALLY hard on making her family forget that she ever existed.

"It's better this way." She said to herself.

For the thirteen year old now lived by her own rules.

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Ten year old Vanessa:

Thirteen year old Vanessa:

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