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Melanie Angelica feels misunderstood by her family and those around her.She likes to look at the darker,gothic side of life.It’s who she is! When she moves to an old and abandoned mansion,she feels right at home. Especially with the coffin in the attic..

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Part One

Once upon a time,in the year 1867,there was a sixteen year old girl named Fiona Angelica.Fiona was kind,and beautiful.

But she failed to know when something was up.

For her older sister's twentieth birthday,her family held an amazing ball. It came straight out of a storybook.The walls were marble,the floor was oak,the marble statues depicting cupids and angels. The decorations were white silk and tiny glowing lights. Delicate glasses were to hold people's beverages.It was supposed to be a delightful birthday.

But alas,Fiona invited her boyfriend,Azrail,to the ball. She thought he had loved her with all his heart. She had gone against her family's rules not to bring him.To show them that they would always be together.

So while everyone laughed,ate,and danced,Azrail took Fiona into the study.

"You know very well that I am a vampire,yes?" It was supposed to be a question,but came out as a snarl.

"I-yes." She answered,shivering.

"You know what I will do to you if you don't agree to join me." He said,his crimson eyes dangerously close to hers.

"But I don't want to be a vampire! I want to be human,and still love you. Can't you accept that?" She wailed,crying.

"I gave you two weeks to answer,and still,you wish to be human.I thought you would join me in the shadows,but no! You are nothing!" He shouted.

"Don't kill me!" She pleaded.

"Oh,I will kill you. You know why? Because you are not worthy to live! You don't want to burn towns,kill your sister,or become a vampire! You are a disgrace!" He was close to her neck now,his lavender breath in her ear.

"I didn't know you would do such a thing." She whispered.

"You should have known that I am capable of anything." And with that,the vampire sucked her blood,relishing in the sweetness of her blood and the terror of her screams. Finally,when he licked her dry,he dropped her limp body on the floor.

"A shame you aren't as good as your blood." Azrail said,wiping his mouth with his hand.

That's when her family came to see what was going on,and they killed him.They locked him in a coffin in the attic,the only thing that would awaken him would be a certain spell.

They were being secure.

But not secure enough.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have a sixteen year old girl named Melanie.Melanie is the descendant of Fiona,her great niece. She and her family were moving into the mansion,because they felt the need to give the mansion its former glory.

As soon as they got there,Melanie ran out of the car and into the place that was supposed to be her new room. The walls were dark oak,and there was a black lace canopy and a black lace bedsheet in her bed.

Just the way she liked it.

She got to work on her story.

It was about a young girl (herself) not being accepted into the world because of who she was and what she liked. She gets lost in the woods and has to figure out how to get out.

Unfortunately,Melanie had writer's block,and couldn't figure out what to write next.

"Ugh,HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO WRITE NEXT?!" In her frustration,she pushed the manuscript off the writing desk.

Just then,her friend Skylar called. Skylar was the only person who understood her,or so she thought. Skylar was,unlike Melanie,who was goth,a tomboy,and was always there for her,even when she wasn't there for herself.

"Hey,what's up?" asked Skylar through her cell phone.


"Melanie,calm down. An idea comes in the most unexpected places. You'll know what to write.I'm sure of it."

"You really think so?"

"I know so.I have to go now because my family is having a birthday party for my older brother on a cruise.Bye!"


The disembodied voice cooed:"Melanie...oh this stupid coffin and LET ME OUT!"

The voice was beautiful,melodic.

She followed the voice all the way to the attic,where she spotted a coffin.The voice was coming from the coffin.

Huh,that's strange. A voice coming from a coffin.Weird.

Melanie saw some other stuff,too.Like dusty lamps,pianos,candles and the occasional journal written by someone before her.

She didn't care about those things.All she cared about was the coffin.

"You need to learn the spell in order to save me."The voice said.

"How do you know my name? What spell? Why are you talking to me?Who are you?"

"No time to explain."saidthe voice.

Melanie thought for a moment. Usually this would be the part in the book where the character reluctantly does what the mysterious voice tells him/her to do,since they had no choice.

But Melanie had a choice.She could find answers and discover things beyond her imagination,or she could get back to her life,where no understood her or wanted to. Where her only friend was far away.Where her fourteen year old little sister bothered her when she wrote stories and didn't control her dog,who ate Melanie's maunsprict's and she had to start all over again.Where her parents never bothered to talk to her,and were too concerned about themselves.

Where everyone at her old school called her a freak and where it was POSITIVE that people would call her a freak in her new one.

Melanie was going to find answers.

She walked up to the coffin and whispered to it "I'll save you,whatever you are."

"Soon,Melanie,this world will be ours."The voice laughed evilly.

Melanie took on the laugh.

"Wait,how do I save you?"

"Look in Fiona's diary."

"What diary?" But the voice didn't reply.

"Great.Now I have to read some great Aunt’s musty diary. This is wonderful." Melanie thought about where somebody's diary might be,when suddenly,she spotted it in the far corner of the attic.

Shegrabbed it out of the corner.

"MELANIE,UNPACK YOUR STUFF!" Her parents screamed.

She ran down the stairs,still clutching the diary.

Melanie grabbed her suitcase and went into her room,where she hurriedly unpacked. She went the same speed as she cleaned her room. Melanie wanted everything in tip top shape,especially if she was going to read her great aunt Fiona's diary.

Melanie started reading.She would read later entries,because that would be more recent:


I cannot believe what is happening to me right now!

I went in the dark woods.THE dark woods! The one my parents warned me about.I never thought I would have the nerve to explore.My parents said there was dark magic there,unlike any of our good magic that we practice.They said unspeakable things happened there and that they didn't want their fourteen year old daughter going in "The dark woods."

But I couldn't help it.I HAD to explore.My parents were right! It was terrible!

The trees were rotting and there were no signs of life.Only a mysterious voice.But they were wrong about one thing.No one lived in the woods and did unspeakable things.They probably thought that the crow crowing was the sound of screams in the woods.But it was just a crow,nothing more.

I know I shouldn't go back,but I will.I want to find out more about the forest and the voice.

-Fiona Grace Angelica.

Melanie couldn't believe what she just read.

My great Aunt was a real wimp.I wouldn't be scared.It's just a forest.

But she had to read more.


A year later and I still don't know what the voice is!

I have tried using magic spells to summon the voice,but it won't come!

Oh,how frustrating it is,to want something and not get it!


The forest makes me sick every time I walk in it,like parts of me are dying and I am becoming nothing but dust.Meaningless dust,floating in the air,with no purpose in life...

But I can't stop visiting the forest.

I need to get to the bottom of this.ONCE AND FOR ALL!

-Fiona Grace Angelica

"Ooh,this is getting interesting!" Melanie exclaimed.


I FINALLY know what the voice is!

It's a beautiful vampire named Azrail! He has hair as black as crow feathers,eyes as red as blood,is as tall as a handsome Prince and has wings as beautiful as a raven's.He is dangerously handsome.

Oh yes,he told me that he is the only vampire with wings! He flies!

But he wants to turn me into a vampire.I love him,but I don't want to BE a vampire.

I don't think he understands..

He wants me to burn my village to the ground and he wants to run away with me.



But that was it.She didn't finish writing the entry for some reason.

Melanie ran back to the attic,ignoring her sister's cries not to step on her small,but vicious,dog.

As soon as Melanie was at the attic,she walked up to the coffin and told the voice inside about the entries.


"Your Aunt is talking about witchcraft. SHE was a witch. So was her family. You come from a coven of witches. I know this because I AM Azrail. I'm the vampire she mentioned. She told me all about her family,how they used their spells for good.WIMPS,the lot of them. They locked me here and vowed never to tell their descendants about me OR their powers. They thought at least ONE descendant might try to save me. They couldn't risk everything. But now you know everything. me.....before it's too late..."

The voice went silent.

Melanie didn't just stand there.She grabbed any journals she could find and studied them for hours,reading everything,learning how to save Azrail from his wooden prison.

Finally,when she felt that she could do it,she lit some candles in the attic (for dramatic effect) and recited ancient incantations.For a moment,she wondered if she was doing black magic,with all the mysterious things happening to her.

But that care quickly dissolved.

It was a stormy night,too.

She was wearing a thick black cape because the attic was cold,even with all the candles,her long black hair swirling around in her face,as is if some unseen wind was grabbing at her. She moved a lock of hair with her long,brown hand,her breath coming in short grasps.

The coffin opened slowly.

Melanie walked close (but not too close).

Nothing came.

Suddenly,a long,clawed hand emerged and with it a starving,yet beautiful,teenage boy.

He grabbed her and whispered in her ear "Would you mind if I sucked your blood?"

"No." She answered,breathless.

He greedily sucked the sweet blood that flowed from her body.She felt whole,and happy that she was helping him.Like nothing could break the bond between them.

"Now,let's talk business. Update me on what has happened while I was in my wooden prison." Azrail commanded.

So Melanie told him about her life and the twenty-first century.He listened intently.

"You are misunderstood. You should not be. You have an amazing potential and no one should defy you. No one. Rule the world with me." He said fiercely.

"You want me to rule the world with you.Why?" She asked.

"That is not important."Azrail snarled.

"It is to me." Melanie said.

"Well,if you must know,then I will tell you. Long ago I used to be human.I had loving,caring parents.I was an only child and rich too.I had a seemingly wonderful life. But no one understood me.I talked to ravens and spiders,I studied books of magic,and even hung out in the cemetery.But people thought that I was the devil for being different. So they stormed in my house with torches and pitchforks,wielding weapons of destruction and shouting words of hate.They killed my parents,who tried to protect me,and I was left alone.Some witch found me and I thought that she was more than a witch,that she wouldtake care of me.But she was just like the human protesters. Unfeeling and unloving.She turned me into a vampire. I had nowhere to go. So that's why I am who I am.That's why I want to help you.Because I understand."

Melanie just looked at him.

"You do understand." She finally said,breathless.

Melanie felt safe when she was with Azrail. Everyday she went to the attic,where she talked to him about her joys,sorrows,friends,and foes. He listened intently and told her more about his life.

Today,though,she felt particularly upset.She stormed into the attic and yelled:


"Shush! You don't want anyone to hear us!" He silently yelled back.

"Oh.Sorry.It's just that I am having the worst day of my life!"

"Whatever may trouble you,my love?"

"I went to school like any normal day and presented my ELA teacher with my story. The assignment was to write a fairy tale that somehow relates to our life. Well,that's just what I did. Expect I faced more trials and tribulations than any teenager I've ever met and my teacher yelled and said that what I wrote wasn't a fairy tale,It was a sob story. I tried being patient with him,but he wouldn't listen.He sent me to the principal's office for being a "nuisance in the class." " She continued.

"Then,when I was excused out of the office,these girls grabbed my hair and smothered makeup all over me,saying that they wanted to make me "beautiful". I ran to the bathroom,fighting back tears,and washed my face. Finally,the school day ended. But when I went home to do my homework,my sister's stupid dog ate it! I ran downstairs to tell her to control her dog,but she ignored me and got back on the facetime call with her friends. My parents were too busy fixing up the house to listen to my problems,and on top of that,Skylar didn't call! I feel like no one cares about me but you." She finished her exclamation,tears streaming down her face.

"What did you say about a dog?" He asked.

"I said that I hated it."

"Well then,that will be the first thing taken care of."

It was night now and Melanie was attempting to fall asleep.But she couldn't.She wanted to check on Azrail,but she knew her parents would hear her walking up the stairs.

Suddenly,her door burst open and her sister bursted in.


She followed her sister downstairs,to her room,where the dog lay,dead as a doornail.

"HE'S DEAD! MY DOG IS DEAD!" She wailed.

But Melanie couldn't be happier.

That stupid dog was gone.

Azrail took care of it.

Just then,that very boy grabbed her and led her to the attic.

"You killed it,didn't you?"

"Yes. I will do away with this town as well. All you do is have to say the word." He saidcoldly.

"You will make sure those I care about won't die,right?" She asked him,breath shallow.


"Then I will burn away this town with you."

And with that he grabbed her and flew out the window.

She watched the tiny town underneath her.It looked like a toy village.She couldn't believe she was about to burn it to the ground.

They finally got to the town clock.

"Ready?" He asked.


He threw a torch at the ground,where flames started small,and gradually grew bigger.People ran in all directions,but her family safely got out of the chaos.

He grabbed her and flew towards the sky,away from the blazing madness,focusing only on each other.

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