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Summer goes missing. No one knows what happened. Many false leads. No answers. Sienna, summer's sister takes it into her own hands.

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Chapter 1

A pair of bare feet stomped across the hard wood floor on the second floor of a craftman's style house. Sienna Price- hugging a handful of dolls in her arms- walked eagerly across the hall to her older sister's bedroom.

She was on a mission to get her older sister, fourteen year old Summer, to play with her. However, when she opened the door, no one was there. The light's where on, which told her sister would be back.

Sienna would wait. She dropped the dolls onto the floor and walked to her sister's bed. She noticed her sister's phone was laying on the blanket.

Curious, she jumped on the bed and opened the phone. The phone had been left on the messenger app. But the person Summer had been texting was an unknown number. A stranger.

-We should meet up some time in person.

- Sure, when? Summer had sent.


-Sure, what time and where?

-11:30, I can meet you at your house. What's your address?

Summer had given a stranger our home address. The stranger now knew where we lived,Sienna thought.

The door to Summer's room suddenly flew open, scaring Sienna. The phone dropped to the ground.

-Sienna what are you doing? Wait. What. WHY WERE YOU ON MY PHONE? Summer screamed.

She seemed scared and nervous. She, also, wasn't in her pajamas. Sienna noticed she was all dressed up, wearing a nice red blouse and black jeans. Her hair had been curled and she wore a little bit of make-up. She didn't look fourteen, she looked older.

-Are you going out with someone? Do I know them? Can I come? Sienna asked. She never got to go anywhere. So, this was her chance.

-NO! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!Summer yelled.

-No... in like I can't go.... or that I don't know the person? Sienna said, while slowly leaving Summer's bedroom, head pointing towards the floor.

-BOTH! Summer screamed shutting the door in her sister's face.

Sienna stood there shocked. Her sister had been acting weird this whole week. But she never screamed at her like this or ever slammed the door in Sienna's face.

Sienna leaned on the door, pressing her face onto it. Can I at least get my dolls back?

Sienna waited, hearing footsteps coming to the door.

-Fine, hurry. Summer said, holding the door in her hands.

Sienna ran into the room, dropped to the floor, and started to pick up her dolls slowly, one by one.

-So... you're dating someone? Why did you give them our address? Sienna looked at her sister when she said this.

-I dunno... I didn't give them our address. I gave them the address to the McDonalds near our house. Stop being so noisy.Summer said, she was starting to lose her patience.

-It's not my fault you left your phone where I could grab it. Sienna said, picking up her last doll and walked out the room.

Once she got into her room she threw her dolls into the corner and went on her bed to play with her tablet.

Time was 11:20.

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