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Hello my name is ellie and this is a story how I flipped my life upside down and it gets crazier

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The bad beginning

Hello my name is ellie and I am one of the most popular kids in school the only reason why is because of my looks and the fact that I was the kind to feel free with talking to others openly technically not shy . That is the reason why I am here. This happened to me 5 years ago right now I am 18 years old living with my parents. So I am going to start on how my life has flipped upside down with just one incident so this is going to take a lot of explaining.

I was a 13 yr old and I started a new school on the first day I was so scared that I nearly pissed my pants but thank god at that split second a girl came to me and greeted me. She was in the middle of introducing herself but I interrupted her and asked her were the toilet was then we introduce each other she agreed. Once we got to the toilet the moment the door was open I chocked on air. Not because of asma but of stinkiness that filled the air. I was flabbergasted. But I was in a hurry so i rush to the cubicle and did my thing. Once I got out still holding my breath I went to the girl and asked her on why the toilet stank so much. She answered with "the bullies of this school had fart sprayed a girl cuz of looks." I was taken aback. "For looks." I replied surprised.

The next day I dressed in the most nicest, prettiest clothing any cool teen wears . I wore makeup and I looked adorable. Then I put in all my confidence In myself. Then went to school every girl and boy couldn't take there eyes off me.Then the same girl came to me by the way her name is Kate. She asked me why I had changed for I replied with I didn't want to be bullied and i wanted to be just like them. She rolled her eyes and walked away. I was shocked what did I do? All of a sudden 3 girls surrounded me they looked at me head to toe. They looked soo pretty and at the same time really cool. So they asked me who I am I said I am a new girl who came from new Jersey not long ago and my name is ellie. They immediately asked me about my style and how they liked my looks. Then they asked me if I wanted to be in their group and they were called c.g.g which stands for (cool.girls.group) I said yes and from that day on I started to walk and gossip with them. That is when the drama started. That is when I started witnessing bullying. This one day they tell me to pull this rope down when apparently this fat girl walks in the door so that's what I did while the girls were recording and I heard the biggest scream in the world coming from the fat girl who was covered in cow poo.But I couldn't hold in the laughter. Soon enough I became one of the bullies. That's when kate walked right past us and all the girls started laughing I was confused but that is when the leader of the group told me that she fart sprayed this girl in the toilets. And she recorded it when they showed me the video I tried my hardest to laugh or else they would unfriend me.That is when one day all 3 girls told me on how they all saw this van parked outside there house and 3 men were in it staring at each one of the girls. The day after that I saw this oddly wierd van with 3 men staring at me in it.The van was shaggy,black and it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in 7 years. But I ignored it and went to school. When I went to the girls and told them about it. They told me to ignore it and we started being mean to the girls who looked ugly .After a few weeks the group peer pressure me into drugs and I did it because I really didn't want to lose them. Soon enough it became a habit.

After months went by, me nor kate had talked to each other again after a few weeks had went by, the leader of the group didn't come to schools for 5 days and no one knew what happened we were all worried when we went to her house it was a massive mansion.we knocked at the door and her parents came out when we asked they said that she was missing and not even the police could find her. The police had checked all CCTV footage but not one of them had included her in it. We walked away shocked and the rest of the day we didn't say a word and we were all soo quiet. That is when I spat out on how it was our mission on finding her. They agreed. We were trying a way on how to find her when the next girl seem to have gotten missing.For 3 days she didn't come school. When we arrived at her house it was a massive mansion too we asked her parents and she said the same thing on how they had informed the police. By the way the girls their names are, the leader is called natasha the other girl that went missing is called rayan and this girl is called alisha. So me and alisha went to her house and her house was descend sized just like mine. We talked and talked and tryed to have fun but we couldn't. So we went outside just for a small walk when we saw the same van this time it was following us we picked up our pace but we were wearing high heels so it was really hard this time the van had one man driving . That's when someone put cloves on our mouths and I looked at alisha even she had a cloth on her mouth soon everything went blurry and I blacked out.—

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