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About a student, being so proud of herself, but later lost.

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Proud Batty

...... There was a girl named Batty, she was the brilliant student in her school , just because of that she bullies other students , and frauds them by telling them to pay huge amount to teach them , without even teaching them actually.

.Batty , was never punished for her attitude because they all feared to report her. Almost to their mid-semester exams. A new student from another school joined , with her name goes by Angie. Angie was exact same age as Batty.. few days they held up mid-semester exam. After the exams, Angie was called out being the overall best student of the mid-semester Exam. Batty finds that insulting , after the announcement about Angie being the best student , Batty asked Angie to meet her at the basement, with her being kind-hearted and clear mind she followed Batty . Batty then beats Angie to pulps, which caused Angie to stay in the hospital . Batty did that just to keep her position as the best student,

..Few weeks passed with ,Angie still at the hospital . 4days to their end of semester exam, Angie contacted her class teacher and said she wants to partake in the end of semester exams, the teacher said a lot about her condition and she wasn't even in class so how can she write the exams. Angie , 'smirks' and said a mate of mine has been helping me catch up with what have been taught in school, even tho it wasn't like a teacher teaching, but atleast I didn't miss what was taught in school, the teacher hangs up. A day before the exams the teacher called and said the doctor says she can't go home yet so which makes it the case that she needs to write the exam at the hospital , Angie agreed.

After the exams, the students were called for the announcement of — the best student, Batty being so full of herself ,she was counting herself as the best student, to her surprising it was Angie who won the best student.. THE END.


(1). Never be Soo confident about yourself and be humble.

(2). Never envy or be jealous of someone, but rather work to beat the person or ask the person how he or she did it.

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