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Water Ridge Valley

Hi my name is Pico, Pico Komuari. I live in Water Ridge Valley. We just moved here from California. I'm5’0, 14 years old, in the 7th grade. I'm a little on the short side but that's not the point. We move a lot because of my mother, she works as a english teacher so my family and I need to move for her work. Throughout the years of moving I haven’t made too many friends, or probably none at all. I get laughed at and bullied because of how short I am. But today is, oh today is Sunday. I got to pack my things in my room sadly, but I will have a good year this year. My dad died not too long before I was born, so I never got to see him much. My mom told me stories of how he worked for the Marines for 4 years, I wis- “Pico! Pico! Come here!” Oh that's my mom. Pico runs down the stairs. “Pico I want you to meet the neighbors and say hi to Mrs. Locks and Mr.Locks.” my mom said with a bright smile on her face. “Hey nice to meet you Pico.” said the neighbors. “Hi..” I said. “This is my son Jackson.” said Mr. Locks. “Say hi Jackson.” Mr. Locks said with a small grin. “Hey Pico.” said Jackson. Pico smiles. “You should put her at Water Ridge Academy.” says Mrs.locks. “My little boy Jackson goes there.” said Mrs. Locks. “Mom, I'm not little, I'm 14.” says Jackson. “Jackson here is in the 8th grade.” said Mrs. Locks. “Pico is in 7th.” says my mom. “Oh, that's nice. Well we must get going, can't be late for church.” said Mr. Locks. “Bye Pico..” Jackson says while walking away. I lie on the couch scrolling through my phone. “Ugh I’m so bored.” I go outside and see mom unpacking boxes in the garage. I grab my bike. ”Don't go too far, okay?” says mom. “Okay I won’t.” I said. I ride my bike down the road thinking about how my new school is going to be. I’d stop at a park and let my bike down. I sit on one of the benches and see three girls walking down the sidewalks coming towards me. “Hey you new here shorty?” The girls laugh. “Can you please leave me alone..?” I said. “Okay, look here shorty. I don't know who you are or where you came from but stay away from Jackson.” says the girl. “Why?” I said, a bit confused. “You'll see.” says the girl, then they all walk away. I sigh and hop on my bike and start to ride home. I get home and go up the stairs. First day moving here and I’m already getting picked on, this day can't get any worse.. Pico’s older brother ran into the room. “Have you ever heard of knocking?” I said,this day cant get any worse again “No, but mom says you have to go shopping for groceries with her.” said Jason. This is the worst.. “Pico, I'll go look for the fruit and vegetables you look for everything on the list.” says Mom. Pico looks at the list. “Mom what's this for? We have all of these things at the house and why do we need cheese?” I said, confused. “Can you just please get the stuff.” said mom. “Ok mom whatever you say.” I said sarcastically. Pico and her mother hop in the car and start to drive home. Both of them arrived home,mom and I walked into the house. “I found a school for you Pico, you’re going next week! Aren't you excited?!” said mom. “I guess so” I i dragged myself up the stairs to my room.

Pico!! Wake up time for school.pico sighs another day another… whatever. Pico brushes her teeth and puts on her school uniform and slowly walks down stairs, hurry and eat your breakfast, I'm going to be late for work, says Pico’s mom. Pico shoves the pancake in her mouth and drinks her orange juice, i'm done says Pico with her mouth full. Chew your food Pico her mother says.Pico and her mother gets into the car, a red awd suv.Pico try to make new friends and maybe you can have some sleepovers says Picos mom,yeah ok says Pico. Ok we are here Says Picos mom with a smile on her face. Picos hops out of the car and wave at her mom as she drives off pico walks up and a boy on a skateboard rides by and say hey shorty Pico ignoring him walks up and runs into a boy named andrew bassett sorry andrew says with a scottish accent no it was my fault says pico naa it’s ok I always run into things a girl walks up that looks exactly like Andrew walks up. Andrew stop flirting with the new girl and c’mon we’re going to be late says the girl well I will catch you later umm Pico says andrew. How do you know my name says pico, I will tell you later gottta go. Pick scoffs,well that was weird. RINGGGG!! Great I’m late to class says pico. pico finds her class, class 5c she walks in, and gets hit with a paper airplane on her head, ow says pico. pico walked to the middle of the class and everybody stopped and stared at pico. Pico see’s Jackson sitting in the back of the class looks at him, smiled then looks away, jackson stand up and started speaking hey you guys this is pico she is my neighbor and the new girl at this school the class start murmuring Jackson is then interrupted hey pico you can set next to me! Pico says softly ok. The teacher then walks in ok class we are dissecting frogs today... not finished❤️

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