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This is a story about Markus Deity and Koji Yukio. They are both scientists to whom Markus fell in love with Koji from being saved from doom, but Koji has discovered something, a doorway to another universe and this is where their adventure will become the change to them forever.

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Test log #1

this is where it began, in a dark room hidden away from the world. A scientist, An unknown doorway to a parallel darkened universe, and the hearted feeling of... dispear.

The feeling hurts to think about but down into this darkened room lies a doctor, a doctors name whom is preferred by, Koji Yukio. He has made a discovery one day in his laboratory. It seems to be an energy source to another world beyond a powerful doorway, "c'mon I'm so close they're is no stopping it now" Koji says typing in his computer while he tinkers with a device in hand. After hours of tinkering with the object it starts to vibrate in his hands and it's energy slowly tries to equilize with the same energy source as the doorway. He quickly places the device into a bigger one, inserting the device into a keyway locking in place, the concentration from the energy buildup makes the lab vibrate gently. He turns to his computer once more and is set to a time that seems to be calculated to the time the doorway can be breached (the time reads 3:00:59 and counting down). He connects his watch to the device and is reminded of what time he has left, with a small stretch and a yawn, he stands up with his fur brushing against the neck-collar of his lab coat and proceeds to stand from his swivel chair. He walks over to the edge of his lab and opens a mechanical door with a keycard in his ID, the door opens by shrinking down and uses a sensor to tell when to close once someone crosses over. He then makes his way down a bright hallway, following behind someone is getting closer and closer but Koji doesn't notice due to the lack of any noise, with a strange feeling Koji closes his eyes and he takes a deep breath, he uses his top senses and he says as he opens his eyes "you know, instead of developing how to hide your footsteps. You should rather instead hide your smell too" turning around he is greeted and faced by his lab friend Markus, Markus is not so bright as the other fourteen scientists, but he can have some chance of a good idea. "how do you get me every time?" Markus says. Koji lifts his finger up and says "it's because you didn't hide any other ways to hide besides of sound, i can smell you from down the hallway if i wanted" to then Koji places his finger onto Markus's snout as he presses and boops his nose playfully. Markus lets out a small squeak as Koji turns away giggling down the hallway before turning left into another room. Markus follows more behind, "h-hey wait up" he says rushing around the corner nearly missing two other scientists. Markus with a red face apologizes rapidly before rushing to Koji as Koji seems to be enjoying some food. Markus stands across from Koji with his paws on the table as he says "how dare you boop my nose, i told you to never do that to me ever again because you already know how much of a weakness it is to me", Koji still eating his food he looks up at markus and adjusts his glasses before standing up and walking over to Markus, towering over Markus his eyes narrow down to Markus as he places his paw onto his shoulder before bringing his face close to Markus's right ear. Markus catches a deep chill up his spine as Koji nears closely, his smooth breathing tickling his whiskers. Markus turns more red in the face as he is growing nervous and scared of the moment occurring, "u-uhm K-Koji?!? what a-are you d-" but before Markus could finish his words, Koji shushes him with a finger to his lips before Koji says in his ear "good try of being intimidating, but you gotta try harder than that my dear boy" Markus melts into his feelings as his mind starts to go crazy with emotions. Markus starts to breathe heavily as his legs turn to jelly, falling before being caught into Koji's arms. He is entranced in his arms as he places his ear onto his chest, listening to Koji's smooth and gentle heartbeat, followed with his breathing. Markus then quickly gains his composure and realizes before he starts to freak out "oh sh- I'm so sorry- I didn't, i mean-" Markus choking on his words struggles to say anything. Koji seems to be entertained by this before Koji boops his nose again and says "hey, why don't you swing by my lab today later. i have something you might want to see", Markus getting the message differently takes it the other way and he begins to get even more red before Koji walks away, Koji looking back at Markus with a side eye as he turns around the corner, tail swishing by with a flick as his boots start to become fainted in the distance down the hallway. Markus takes a seat at the table Koji was eating at and he starts to wonder how this feeling started towards Koji.

March, 7th, 2120,Markus remembers how it happened exactly, he was testing a protal gun he was developing in his lab. Hours turned to days and weeks before he was finally done with the project, but without his knowledge he missed a component and still decided to test the gun. He shot at the wall and everything seemed to be working properly as Markus sticks a stick into the potal, the stick comes out of the other end of the secondary shot on the ceiling before the secondary portal begins to flash separate colors before shrinking and disappearing away, the primary portal then swallows the stick from Markus's grasp as it becomes unstable as slowly pulls Markus closer to itself. Fearful Markus starts to panic as he is being slowly sucked up into the portal, the gun is sucked into the portal as it makes it more unstable with power. Koji senses the strong power surge and he grabs a small handheld device, it beeps in his hands as it reads; Black hole power surge, danger immanent until prevented. Koji quickly rushes out his lab as he runs down the hall to Markus's lab. Koji opens Markus's lab door with his master keycard, Koji is shocked as he sees Markus being sucked into the portal. Markus panics as he looks at Koji "h-help me please" Markus pleads, Koji quickly scouts the problem and he runs to his laboratory full sprint and grabs a glove from a case he developed. Koji returning to the scene time goes slow for koji as he sees Markus lose his grip and is pulled more to the portal and Koji quickly dashes to Markus with his right paw balled up into a fist, step after step Koji's glove emits some sort of dark electricity and he swings, punching the portal away as he grabs Markus away from the portal. Markus awakens from the moment and sees himself in Koji's arms being held gently and closely.

Markus snaps back from the flashback as he smiles from the moment he remembers, Markus then looks over at the leftover food Koji left behind, Markus grabs the plate, still warm in his paws. He takes as sniff of the food and it's smell is amazingly mouthwatering, Markus lighly opens his mouth as saliva drips out imagining the taste of it, Markus looks around and he takes a slow bite of the food. His eyes light up as the taste is enhanced making his tastebuds scream for more of this taste, he places the plate down onto the table as he opens his mouth once more and he quickly devours the food licking the plate clean. Markus gets up and puts the dish away and walks into his laboratory, still remembering the taste in his mouth he opens his lab door and walks inside, once inside he walks over to a bed and takes off his shoes, tail wagging he covers himself getting snuggled up and comfy into the blankets warm embrace. Markus starts to fall asleep when he suddenly feels something breathing over him, he opens his eyes and sees Koji standing over him with a smirk on his face, Markus's face goes red again and he says nervously "k-koji? wh-what are you doing here?". Koji gets closer and says "did you enjoy the food i made?", Markus blushes more and he turns over in his bed looking away from Koji. Koji then lays down behind Markus and he puts his arm around him before saying onto his ear, "come on, tell me the truth Markus dear". Markus feeling nervous and hot, he sheepishly says "y-Yes ok, i did i ate all of your food because i just wanted to get the close enough chance to kiss you. Is that what you want me to say?!?", Koji caresses his face and turns Markus around and pulls him close, Markus melts into Koji's eyes and he takes a deep breath while closing his eyes. Koji places his paw onto his chin as he kisses Markus on the lips. Deeply in each others arm Markus feels happy as his tail wags and a small squeak escapes as Koji's paw moves from his face down to his neck, then down to his shoulder, then his arm, and then all the way to- *BEEP*

Markus wakes up from his sleep as his alarm beeps loudly making him jump from his bed and falling to the floor. Markus rubs his head and gets dressed before walking to his lab door, feeling weird from the dream he just had.

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