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In all there are five characters that are mainly in the story the name are Alice Jame, Jay, Sky old man John.I have bad quotes and marking bad spelling this will be part 1 I will make part 2 to someday. My first book 😲🤗

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Meet the plan to Escape

"Hi I am alice and I live in a palace and in this world we have powers. I know what you think this is going to be a bad back story. It probably is so I will start five day before atcion happend."

"Ms.Alice your mother want you to attend a lunch meeting with the South Kingdom today".said the butler. "Fine". Alice said. So I got ready and went to the diner hall and seen the south kingdom Royal guards so I knew the south king and queen already have arived so I went go join them.

So I sat and we talk for a while Then my mother said "you know Alice is turning 13 in a few days right". "oh yes". said the south queen the king where doing king stuff.

Then I look at the prince and said "Mother may me an James go the the graden" "Yes dear GUARD" "YES MA 'AM" said one guard. "Please take Alice and James to the guarden and make sure you Watch them" said the queen. "Right a way your highness"said the guard.

So we went to the graden. "It's time"said Alice. " I belive it is" said James. so after that and they left.My mother said we will have the ball for my 13 birthday in three days.

So in three day all the kids from all kingdoms will run untill we get caught. Don't worrie we have a plan. The plan is when they say are name's we will scream drop a note and run for the door. Cause all the guards are going to the on in the ball room but two so we will knock them out scream leave a letter and run with are stuff that will be outside.

So time skip the to the day of the ball. "Good morning Ms.Alice it a big day today you parents have made the dress designer to make you a dress for today"said the butlur "ok thank you" said Alice. So I got ready the ball will start at night fall . I have to get my stuff hidden by the door somehow. So I walk to the door and hidden my bag by it later I will thought it out the door then when we run we can pick it up.

So it night fall its a round 6 or 7 clock. "LET THE BALL" said the Butler."In just a min we will let all the royal childern come and join." said the guard. "We now bring you the roya-"said the butlur. "AAAAaaaa". said all the royal kids. As they heard screaming all the guards went to see just a note setting in are spots.


Hello Royal Kingdom I have simply just took the kids and if you want them I would leave an a location but who know I could kill them. So there is really nothing you can do but hope you will find your kids again or they find you. HAHAHA bye bye.

The king and queen where devastated. The people where speechless. But mean while with the kids "yes where free"said sky.while still running. Then they come across a hill to see a sunrise (yes the ball went on all night long) then "we have lots to explore but and unknow amount of time." said Jay "yes we do" said james. .... "to be continued"....

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