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Outriders from other lands to fight each other for world domination.

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Chapter 1: Strange Lands

In a Snowy town called Olivia, people talking about there is a war coming from the Empire Dominion, rumors until they saw a strange man with just one arm, brown hair, many scars, paled skin. The Soldiers of the town look at him and ask him, Soldier: Hey where from?. Stranger: I come from a far home. Soldier: Are you a slave?, The Stranger said nothing, with a regret angry look, Soldier: ok, don’t cause any trouble alright ,we have an ugly war in our hands. the stranger went to the woods to get some food. Andre: well what should I call you , Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. Anakin: !Don't call me that!, who are you?!. Andre: Call me Andre, I brought you into this world to give you a chance and of course to fight a war for me. Anakin: My war has ended a long time ago. Andre: Ah! But not this one, in fact I'm your biggest fan so do me a favor. Anakin: no. Andre: well in few days these people will be slaves of the empire dominion with their foolish idolatry and pride, you'll see. Anakin: Kill me I don’t belong in this world. Andre: no I can't, I will tell you again I need you to fight a war for me, I know your sad story and I give you legs and a chance, fight for my army, you are a drifter, wanderer, time traveler, a forgotten warrior from an ancient past , beginning with a new, well don’t give me that look. Just Redeem yourself. After Andre spoke with Anakin, the town Olivia was defeated by the empire dominion and people were turned in to slaves. They took Anakin thinking that he was part of them. Taking him to general Logan Paul, evryone laughs at him, and throw him into jail.

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