C Clark Carbonera

This poem was made for Leon, a character from the story Fleetward Werewolf, published in Portuguese and English here on the platform. Few have read Leon's story (one of my favorite characters), but even those who haven't, I hope you will be interested in this child-man. (And sorry for the spoiler, but truth be told, Fleetward Werewolf was published here for a while now, so you can just check it out first before reading this)

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Listening all night,

your howls echo

and I feel your pain.

Under pressure and oppression

an invader inside me.

My demons grow


enveloped by yours.

"Roar" he commands.

"Roar" he commands.

Growing in obsession

I need to reconcile

with the monster that

rises within me.

The moon is too strong

and the black well whispers

my name, drop by drop:

"Wolfie Leon, it's time to go."

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C Clark Carbonera “A utopia está lá no horizonte. Me aproximo dois passos, ela se afasta dois passos. Caminho dez passos e o horizonte corre dez passos. Por mais que eu caminhe, jamais alcançarei. Para que serve a utopia? Serve para isso: para que eu não deixe de caminhar.” Fã de carteirinha de Buffy - The Vampire Slayer.

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