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Six years ago, Chloë survived what she believed to have been the end of the world. Stranded on a small island in the Pacific, off the east coast of Australia, Chloë has more or less come to terms with the bleak life she now leads as a waitress inside a rundown bar. Supposed to keep a low profile to hide who she really is, everything changes when she saves the life of a certain man from the Russian Syndicate. All at once, Chloë gets dragged into a world of excitement and danger, where she’ll soon learn that the world isn’t quite as dead as she believed it to have become. And all too soon, she will be forced to leave relative safety to journey back onto the mainland and to certain horrors waiting there for her…

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#dystopia #military #survival #horror #adventure #action #romance #zombies #postapocalyptic
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6 Years Post-Cataclysm

Logbook 1:

I used to write a diary. Not that it did me any good. I have no idea where the pages that I wrote throughout my early youth and teenage years are right now. Perhaps they’re still back inside the attic of my parent’s house near Vancouver. Maybe someone’s come across the nine books and has paged through them listlessly, having hoped to chance upon something substantial, something worth keeping, something to exchange for food, but finding instead only the rantings of a young girl. Perhaps it’s been used for a much-needed fire. If it could have helped someone, I’d be thankful.

The chances for that, however, are somewhere dangerously close to zero. It’s more probable that my old diaries were incinerated when the bombs fell from the skies and that the ashes have long since been transported by the wind to the darkest corners of this dead earth.

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