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A novel, a short story, a short novel, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that people want to read a good story. Another thing I know is that people also enjoy having useless information, or just enjoy being knowledgeable. I have the stories and lessons, whatever you do with the information and experience is up to you. Hashtag, no filter.

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It is an Intro

No, it's not some random story, nor some chick flick shit. Majority were expecting that right ? Well, I'll save you the trouble, and remind you that this is something only 20% of people will understand. The other 80% will probably carry on reading, trying to avoid a awkward conversation, or just to kill time. But what does that matter? I'm still doing what I came here to do, which is write.

Although, you might be right about one thing. . . I am here to tell you my story. A chicana's America. Lets clear the air though, I'm here to surpass all the "life events". What I mean by this is that we all go downhill through phases in life ( new lives, deaths, seperation, job loses, etc.). I am not here to petty nor comfort that.

Before you continue to the next page, please move all feelings and assumptions aside.

Before I rudly forget to to introduce myself, my name is. . . forget it, just call me Rosa. You think basic, Californian college student. I think not.

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