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This story is about a Girl and her mom moving and meeting a family with a son with a special need and how they become Immediate friends as she helps him to overcome his struggles!

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Chapter 1

I have seen many things in my life time experienced many situations but the most amazing onestarted the Summer My family movedto this town it changed my entire family’s life’s forever and I will never forget the story leading up to where we are now!

“Hunny I know this is hard leaving all of your friends I just hope you can understand that after what happened to your father this family just needs a fresh start hunny I am so proud of the way you have stepped up and have helped with ur little brother”

“Why Vermont mom”

“Oh Christy you will love Vermont your Auntuncle and Cousins live there”

I shrugged and looked out the window

“Its shore not San Francisco mom it’s the Patriots instead of the 49ers Tom Brady instead of Jimmy Garoppolo”

Mom just smiled and shook her head aswe polled onto a dirt Road about a mile later we polled into our new driveway!

“Wow mommy look at that house!”

My Six year old brother Nowa said excitedly jumping out of the car! Mom smiled as she unlocked the door and Nowa ran strait upstairs!

It took a couple weeksbut soon we were unpacked and somewhat settled in. Ones we were all moved in mom decided it would be a good idea to get to know some of our neighbors a couple across the street were outside with their sonwho was my age mom decided it would be a good idea to go introduce ourselves.

“Hey my name is is Janice and this is my Daughter Christy and my son Nowa we just moved in here a couple weeks ago and figured we would come introduce ourselves!”

The lady smiled!

“I am glad you did Janice I am Nancy this is my husband Ray and our son Andrew. Hey Andrew why don’t u come say hello to our new neighbors!”

The boy was sitting on the stairs leading to there house he hesitated then got up and headed our way.He said hello and shook our hands.

After a fairly Lengthy conversation we finally headed back home. As we crossed the street my brother asked a question that caught both my mom and I off Guard.

“Mom why does that boy walk like that?”

Mom drew a deep breath and thought for a moment not really sure what to tell him.

“Well Nowa Andrew has a disability that affects the way he walks”

“A disability?”

“Yes see sometimes kids are born a little bit differently some can’t talk as well some of them can’t see in Andrews Case he has a little bit harder of a time getting around then others.”

“What are those things he had on his legs?”

“Well those Nowa are called Brasses they help Andrew be able to walk and get around better”

“Will he always need them?”

“Well Nowa he will always have a hard time walking and getting around but hopefully as he gets older he will grow out of them. Hopefully his legs will get stronger and he will be able to get around without them but there is just no way of knowing for sure.”

Nowa Nodded and ran inside mom and I headed in soon behind him.

A couple days later I Decided that I wanted to get to know our New neighbors better I headedacross the street to say hi. as I knocked on the door I wondered what it was I was going to say. Soon after I knocked Nancy answered!

“Hey I am Christy I live across the street we met the other day”

“Oh yes I remember you is there anything I can do for you Christy?”

I said nothing just looked down at the ground.

“ Well then you know Andrew is upstairs in his room if u would like to say hi”

I looked up At her and smiled.

“Yes of cores I would love to”

“Well aright then come on in”

Smiling I headed upstairs to talk with Andrew.

As time went buy I got to know Andrew quite well he was such a strong smart boy funny to with a great sense of humor.

“ So Andy are u ready for summer to be over school will be starting soon maybe you can help me learn a few things.”

“Yeah umm I don’t go to that school!”

“Why not?”

“ oh well I am homeschooled. I tried going to school with the other kids and it didn’t work out very well”

“Oh well it’s not to late maybe you should give it another try”

“No sorry Christy but I can’t I mean think about it a kid with my disability I will have no friends everyone would pick on me”

“ well I am your friend aren’t I”

“Well yeah but......”

“But nothing Andy look kids can be mean you would probably get picked on just as much without your Disability as you will with it that’s just how kids are. Common give it a try if it doesn’t work out for you then you can go back to home school”

Andrew Smiled and shook his head.

“ well I can’t argue with that ok you win I will talk to my parents about it.”

As I sat in my room that eveninglooking out my window it became Clear to me What Andrew needed was some self confidence and hope. Andrew Needed to believe he could do more and I was just the person to help him with that.

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