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Creepy Doll

Nellie woke up one day to find a package. She brought it in. "No one ordered anything," she thought. She opened the package to find beautiful doll. " I'll keep it for myself." She said. She looked in the box and the doll was gone. She looked and saw it on her bed. She did not put it there. Her sister came in and made fun of the doll. Nellie told her to stop. So her sister left. It was night. Nellie went to sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night and saw small red footprints. She did not want to follow them. But the next morning she saw Her sister laying on the floor. Nellie knew she was dead. There was no blood. She must have died of fright. The next day Nellie thought she heard her doll whisper "Your next Nellie." Then it came to her. Her doll scared her sister to death. The footprints were her doll's footprints. She threw her doll outside. But that night, She saw her doll walk slowly twords her. Saying die before I kill you, Die before I kill you, Die before I kill you in a sing song voice. Then Nellie had a heart attack and I'm sorry to say she died.

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