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This is about three women going on mission to search for their other half to help battle the monster together with their soulmates

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Chapter 1

Once upon of time there was a girl name Naomi she was the chosen one she didn know she have a mission to complete but she have to find her two teammate and there Soulmate lover to be a couple warriors she is in college call the Sunrise University she was just a normal girl doing her own thing and sudden she bumped in two girls that she didn Kno that they was her chosen teammates at a same college together she apologized

I'm sorry I don't mean to bump in to u

Then the girls say

It alright

Then Naomi gave them a hand to pick them up then sudden there a spark on the girls hand it started transform out of nowhere

They say what going on with this hand we started to feel transforming into unknown then poof they transform into a Warriors and went to another dimension there clothes was changing they were in shock

Omg what this why r we turn into some kind of warriors then they sudden hear the voice of the gods

We finally found u girls my dear chosen teammates we waiting for you.

What?! Who voices is that

We're the gods that need help u are the chosen team call the legend of firefly you three are the chosen one have to look for your other half that is your true soulmate and a lover before u girls start the mission we need you to find your soulmate Partner they in the Land of the Phoenix you need to find them you girls have to find your other half you girls are now on the journey to find you true soulmates partner that is trap in the desert island now here your chosen weapon you girls will choose what weapons you girls will be using, there be an obstacle on the way so b prepared now my dear chosen team FireFly choose your weapons.

So the girls choose their weapon Naomi chose the twin swords then the other girl chose the magician weapon and the last girl chose the fan weapon.

Do u girls chose your special weapon

Yes now go on your journey is now begin go now you b riding the horse now here your horse

Wow so pretty I want this one ok

I will choose the other one

Then I guess I will get this one now let start our journey oh by the way what u girls name?

Oh I'm sorry

My name is Mina

And my name is Layla

Hi nice to meet you all and my name is Naomi

Hi Naomi nice meet u now let start our journey so now the gods open the gate and there they went

Good luck my chosen FireFly team hope you found your other half that might need your help.

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