"The lights won't go out, silly" Elaine said. "But what what crystal hiding!" I blurted out. At a sleepover with her bestie and other friends, Sydney becomes drawn to a spellbook that she cannot stop thinking of. The next morning, Elaine goes missing and Sydney and Crystal's only hope is Crystal's forbidden spellbook and their rough friendship. Oh, and Crystal's endless pocket. When all hope is lost, can two people connect with each other? Find out in, "Sorcerer."

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The devil's cookbook

Elaine kept telling us that the lights wouldn't go out. We were just paranoid, she said. Well, I can tell you one thing, the lights did go out. But not yet....

24th April 2013

It was a normal day. I lay staring up at the ceiling, pondering what to pack for the sleepover. Elaine, Crystal, Dan and I were going to have a sleepover at Elaine's House for the weekend, while her parents were on a business trip. I smiled to myself...I knew exactly what to bring! I rubbed my eyes for about a minute before I aimlessly stumbled downstairs. "Mum," I grumbled, "Do you have a flashlight? It's for telling scary stories and stuff." It wasn't going to ever be put under anyone's chin but I let my mum believe that.

"Honey, there's one on top of the fridge!" Mum called back as she slid a stool towards me. I caught it and ran towards the fridge. As I steadily climbed up onto the sleek, black fridge, I noticed something.

There it was, something I though I'd never see again: the key. it wasn't just any key; It was a key that came with the locket my dad gave me.

long story short, dad is in prison for stealing money from his job. He said is was an honest accident but I don't see how you can accidentally steal...

"Sydney!!! what are you doing up there!" she called from down below, "Come down."

I slipped the key into my pocket (not knowing that there was more to it, of course) and stepped back down.

2 hours later, I was ready to go. Mum drove me to Elaine's House and I...well...breathed it all in. Elaine's House was stunning, with perfect white walls and stunning furniture. It looked like something out of an advert.

"Sydney, OMG, you're here! First of all, you're welcome, for letting you stay of course. Second of all, don't touch the walls, they will remain in pristine condition and Thirdly, I missed you so much bestie!!!" Elaine cooed in her posh voice. Her Jet black hair hung below her shoulders as lifted eyelashes fluttered in the light. She was rich and beautiful, everything I wanted to be. I actually think she tried to DOWNGRADE her home for us...

Crystal as already there, popping her gum as usual. "sup," She said casually before popping again. I smiled. Same old Crystal. She tossed her white-blonde hair before taking a selfie of herself. One thing I knew about Crystal is that she despised her name. She preferred if we called her sisi. The name stuck so we called her that. "I'm good," I said, putting on my coolest voice. It didn't work.

"why are you always so lame," sisi rolled her eyes.

"says you!" I tried putting on my best comeback voice, but that didn't work either.

sisi (aka crystal) was cool and sassy. she was Elaine's other best friend so I was FORCED to hang out with her. She loved makeup like Elaine and they did cheerleading classes together, making me feel even more left out. Elaine and her had even created their own handshake...

it was clear that Crystal didn't like me. She always shot me looks.

"Tell me when Dan gets here, because I am already bored," Crystal said as she applied cream to her flawless skin. She was perfect but horrid.

"ugh you and you're brother...I bet you hate that he hangs with us," Elaine said with a smirk on her face. Dan was crystals older brother. Although she was only younger than him by 1 or 2 months, she completely controlled his life.

3 hours later

Dan had arrived earlier and had been busy ever since, putting crystals shoes away, tidying crystals sleeping area in Elaine's massive bedroom.

"listen," Dan said to me as we went to explore the room together, "I know crystal can be a bit of a...annoying person, she has her reasons. Just stay clear of her. Mother has just given her some very soul-crushing news yesterday."

"What kind of news?" I asked

"NOTHING!" He said quickly, too quickly.

When I went back into the living room, Elaine and Crystal were already planning out tommorow's activities. "HEY DUMB DUMB!" Crystal called to me, "Me and Elaine were just discussing our plans for tonight and we need your opinion. do you want to do face masks without Dylan or watch a horror movie with him...COME ON ITS AN EASY CHOICE." Of course I was going to pick a horror movie, so I did.

That night, we watched a horror movie. Crystal moaned that it wasn't scary enough but I thought it was! It was about three people on a sleepover, where one of them is killed....something about their situation seemed too similar to ours.

"I know it's early, but I'm creeped out and sleepy. I need my beauty sleep....so I'm going to bed," Elaine declared at 9pm.

It was VERY early...

"you're choice," Crystal said and shrugged, "Me and Sydney will stay up later." She had decided.

"Call me sid," I said bitterly.

"You don't call me sisi, do you?" she replied. fair point. I decided to change the subject.

Now that Elaine was finally gone, I could really look at Crystal.

"You look so beautiful!" I told her, as she flicked her short, very hard to flick hair. She wore a butterfly blue crop top with black shorts and she looked perfect in them. I wore a button down white dress with marron boots. I'm not very good at describing so here's the contrast of how we look, even though I shouldn't be comparing

"HELLO," Crystal stabbed at my toughts, "You really shouldn't compare yourself to me: it'll bring you down. Give me one just with you and you'll look better than ever. You should definitely use this face wash and for your hair...hmmm...maybe the hair brand 'luxurious locks' because your hair is slightly long. So, I've been thinking abiut it for a while, and Elaine doesn't want to do it, FACE MASKS!!" She squealed, revealing her real voice. She really was just a normal human. And she was kind of nice sometimes.

"OK...face masks it is," I said.

We picked out our scents and....well....it turned out great. I know I shouldn't be sucking up to Crystal but my spots have suddenly gone.

"It's a family recipe," She said hastily, suddenly closing the recipe book I had been trying to get a peek at. The book had an unusual logo in the middle, looking a little bit like a compass, and a little bit like a key. I was suddenly drawn to it...

something inside me said, "TRY YOUR KEY ON IT." but I ignored it with all my might.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked.

"Well, Dan is going to try and scare us in 5 minutes. no idea what, but its probably something lame like a pillow fight. so we better gear up," She said and I saw a slight grin on her face.

How did she know Dan was going to try and scare us?

It makes me cringe looking back at what happened, but here's here's happened...so me and Crystal stocked up on wooden spoons and bowls to put on our head..... Turns out it was some stupid pillow fight, so we defended ourselves and it was pretty fun.

"Wait up," Dan said when we were running. I slowly but surely stopped beside him. "Listen very carefully," he said, "Do not get caught in Crystal's trap! She will trick you." I scowled at him. Maybe it was a trap, ne and Crystal having lots of fun all night, but something was drawing me closer to her, something I so desperately wanted to take a peek inside. "Fine," I said.

"I know this is a weird question, but have you seen an old looking book around?" he asked, his voice cracking. I shook my head and went back to pillow fighting.

Just one peek though, That wouldn't hurt anyone? would it??

"HEY sid," Crystal suddenly spinned around, "Do not let Dan get to you too, he makes all the girls crush on him and so annoying. He just dumps them right after in PUBLIC."

"I won't, I promise," I said

"I always thought you hated me, but maybe you don't..." Crystal said unsurely.

I didn't reply because I had no idea if I wanted to be her friend or not.

so, we went to bed, and as a I nestled into my covers at 11pm, I hatched a plan to open the book.

It was calling to me

p.s. the lights go out next chapter.

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