Joana Flores

Dorothy’s family moves to a home that was built in the late 1800s. Dorothy’s family appears as stupid because they were told the house held the ghost of Edith a 10 year old girl who was murdered in the home. Then some tragic events happen and Dorothy tries to stop Edith.

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Burnt Home

Dorothy and parents were sleeping until Dorothys dad woke up to their front door being banged on by their neighbor screaming for them to wake up Dorothys dad started walking to the living room to see the kitchen on fire. The neighbor must’ve saw through their kitchen window and saw the bright hot flames of fire spreading closer to the living room. Dorothys dad ran to get Dorothy and his wife and Dorothy hurried to pick up her puppy Dorothy started sobbing, They scurried out of the house and some neighborhood friends called the fire fighters. When the fire fighters arived at the house the fire was spreaded to the rooms. The fire fighters where able to put the fire out, And Dorothys room was half burnt and Dorothy grabbed the stuffed animals that were safe from the fire.

Dorothys parents left their puppy with Dorothys grandma and they decided to go to a hotel while they find a new house it took them a week to find a cheap house until they save up their money. They went to see the house, the house had bumby floors and flickery light, the house made Dorothy feel gritty, the house is cold like a freezer. Dorothys parents decided to buy the house. The landlord told them that a 10 year old girl died in the house and everyone that has lived in the house has mysteriously died. Dorothys parents thought they were lying so they bought the house, Dorothy was petrified and tried begging her parents not to buy the house.

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