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Rap Battle Me??!

Rat a tat tat.

Rap battle that.

Heads are gonna

rattle to the sound

of my gat.

I'm the cat in the hat.

My verses are phat.

I don't need a dictionary,

to battle a rap brat.

I don't need a baseball

bat... Virus,

I'll watch Miley Sirus

take all y'all down.

Don't try to Richard Pryor us,

You'll end up looking like a clown.

Dont need you to admire us,

Just respect my Hip Hop sound.

I know you want to hire us,

We're the greatest show in town.

Compitition inspires us, hands

up, money on the ground.

No one gonna make...

a liar of us, we keeping it real

with the lyrics I spray.

No one can ever retire us...

The Savage Underground is

here to stay.

So whatcha got to say?

Better speak up, or go away.

I'm the big dog, you the pussy

cat that just lost eight of your

lives today.

You got one chance left,

You better bring it, I don't play.

You up against a rising star,

I see you all as prey.

When I spit my lyric,

No one comes near it.

They steer around it.

avoid it, they fear it.

Hand me your list,

as I beat em, I'll clear it.

They try to mirror it,

Make it inferior, it lives

and it grows in me,

everyone gonna hear it.

You'll never endure it,

you're winters not over yet.

You came in so sure,

with your arrogant bet.

You smell like manure,

Your underwear brown and wet,

See, that's what you get,

when you fukk with a vet.

Ain't no one I've met that

can do it quite like me.

My name's Mike Savage,

and I'm ravaging this industry.

I'm here to School all these

wanna be M.C.'s.

Because you don't know how

to rhyme and flow, without

showing a limited vocabulary.

Yeah, I'm getting older now,

I need glasses to closely see.

But that don't mean I need em

to dot your eyes and cross your t.

You better be an O.G. if ya

wanna rap battle me.

There's only a couple people I

know, who's lyrics even come

close you see.

I don't need to mention names,

or use your slang so repetitively.

When I bust, in Savage I trust,

I can't be labeled, I'm an anomaly.

So call me what you want, flea...

I'll swat all your B.S. down,

with my precise ingenuity.

Because I'm a lyrical prodigy.

You're just a toddler see?

Go throw a tantrum, it's time

for your bedtime story.

I'll put you to bed, I spit venom,

not lead.

No one ends up dead, but they got

my claw marks in em permanently.

Now it's time for me to go,

I got a bottle of Hennessy.

I got some down homies, that

wanna get blown with me.

Thanks for the show, I needed

to practice my artistry.

I didn't mean to scare you,

you'll come out of it eventually.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

January 17th. 2022 ©

17 Ocak 2022 20:41 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin

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