Kaitlyn Shabou

This about a family going on an annoying road trip, will they make it out alive and full of joy, or will they come back home dirty and nothing in hand

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Dumb surprise

Lucy and Liby sat on the sofa speechless doing nothing. Tickle their dog and Ronny their little brother was drawing and watching baby shows. Usually, they say on the TV the ABC and colors. He would repeat after them but it would come out a little differently. "Wed, Bee, Olange, Dee!" He would shout. Translation: Red, B, Orange, D. Lucy and Liby would clap noticing that he loves it too much. He would air kiss, he would bow and he would say more words for them. "Hey! Ronny! I think mommy made cookies! wanna check and stop the TV so sisters can think of somthing else to show them?" Ronny nods and claps and runs to the kitchen. Lucy keeps smiling but when Ronny is out of sight she frowns. "This weekend we were suppose to go to Gina's party but no, popular girl Youni had to pick who comes," Mutters Lucy.

Liby puts her arm around Lucy and sighs. "At least we have the TV." Then, Their mom and dad come around the corner with Ronny strapped to moms leg. "Guys, did you say I was making cookies?" Asks Their mom. "No mom. we said Tickle is making cookies," Their mom crosses her arms and taps her heavy foot. "Are you board and did Youni bug in again?" Asks their dad. Liby and Lucy nod slowly. "*sigh* You should get to your feet and boss you, she doesn't boss you, you boss you, technically, I don't know why Gina wouldn't kick Youni out," Lucy twitches her eyebrows. "She did, it's just Youni put pudding in her hair after that and took a picture, we just saw it, and Youni kicked Gina from her own party!" Explains Lucy. Their mom and dad go into the hall and do a little of whispering. They come out with bags and sunglasses. "How about to fill up your weekend, we do, a roadtrip!" They shout. Lucy and Liby stare.

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