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Marie is just a 9 year old girl. Her parents were killed. Now all she has left is Rachel and Rebecca. Can the 2 pull it off with Rebecca by their side?

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The part before

Marie Hopped out of the crashed car she felt the tingling inside her again. She shot blue lasers out of her hands. Rebbecca was doing the same. "how did we get here"? Marie wondered.

Marie opened her eyes. She could hear her voice. She was on the phone. Marie could hear her sobbing. No, no,no,no,no!, she thought. It was the day. The day of her fathers death. There wasn't much she could do. They just had to have the ceremony today!. Out of all thee other 364 days, they picked today. Whatever, she thought. She quickly put on her training clothes, hurried downstairs, gave her two hugs, three kisses, and told her it would be alright. After taking a slices of bread she bolted out the door,with the car keys in her hand.


As she twisted the keys into the hole so the car could start she thought; Hey, what am I doing? I've got magic on my side! She looked around making sure no one could see her. She made sure to be very careful. She used her powers and made her hair stretch so long, it rapped all the way around the tiers. Whoa, she though. Not that long. After her hair returned to its normal length, she was off and on her way. A 9 year old driving! She wondered what her father would think about this!

As she carefully parked her mothers car in the parking lot, She threw her bag over her shoulder. Shutting the car off she climbed out and shoved the keys into the very bottom of her bag, and hurried inside. She checked the clock. it was 8:10am. She walked through the hall until she got to classroom. Cfuo0, She read of her acceptance card. This must be it.

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Marie is a 9 year old girl who finds out she is magic. Her parents were taken because the guards thought they were magic. Now she is trying to find who is out there just like her. And she wont stop until she makes it equal for people who are magic or cigam she will make things right! Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun Galactic.