To inspiration to those people been abused& keep quiet about it thinking they can't leave without those ABUSIVE partners.and those grow up been poor thinking if you poor you won't success in life.never allow anyone to chatted your dream,the best thing don't share your plans with anyone, they will give you doubts.believe in your self with God anything is possible.

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Beginning of my journey

I was a young&stupid young Lady-who didn't know the right Direction of her life.When you raised by "UN—EDUCATED "PARENTS',not I blame them they don't have any experience!They can't even control your school work, I'm talking about my Mother she is the only Hero^I know.

I&MY Younger sister we grow up knowing that ,we living to survive'that including Food.We where clueless about our future,never stressing about what tomorrow is holding for us.You can't blame us we didn't know all of those,not even aware of sexual transmitted deases,We where not even aware there are Rape.

While my journey continue,I grow up with* Abusive *Father never listen to his Wife,only one thing he knew is that every Woman belong to the kitchen &bear lot of children. I hated Friday somuch. My Mother was a punching bag of my father. I prayed that one day God will give me strength to deal with my father.

But in Bible there is a verse say respect your parents. Poor Woman every week friday to Sunday our STINKY!" OLD FASHION TOILETS #She knew it's her safe place to sleep. We have to sneak bringing her something to eat.

Watching my Father jumping out of the window sneaking to the same toilet want to kill my mom.plates of food hitting the same woman, poor young little girls hiding screaming under the tables" leave her alone",it was not easy even we have a dream to be educated one day,we where condemned emotional.

Our brain where no longer the same.I will be lying if I can tell you once in my life saw my parents laughing or having conversation. I don't know what is (Family bond),I don't know what is love,I used to see from my friends family, I never bond with my father.I never understand why my Mother stay with this kind of man for 24 years of her time.

After many years of been lonely &watching the situation we where forced to adapt it.the happy moments arrived my uncle who lost his young sister,find Direction to Bloemfontein where his many years sister is hiding. he came all the way from East —London. the whole family where overwhelmed.

With my tiny brain,I was convinced that my parents will be happy,no more fights.The sad thing I was wrong,the Leaphard never change his spots!/3days coming it is Friday, a famous song we heard from distance blowing by wind'wow'he is drunk as usual.

When my father arrived 'he started his usual thing ,fighting my poor mother beating her front of her brother. my uncle was a humble man very quite,he started to talk to both of them ,but it never end up well he was the second victim, my father hit him very hard on his head with an axe....it was blood all over the house.

The neighbors called ambulance to take my uncle to hospital, that was the last I saw my uncle because my father was a strong man everyone scared of him,if he said *NO* nothing you can do.

We heard dat he from hospital to his Land,we where so said&disappointed.

The violent continues, my mother again usual painful moment,she was very hurt bleeding again ,

I looked at her&ask one question!why you doing this to yourself?why" you don't leave him

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