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Sirius was panting, his hand was up and down inside his sweatpants, his bed curtains were completely closed and he had forgotten to seal his bed with a suffocating spell, so every now and then a soft moan echoed through the room. . , but James wasn't there. That night, he was at the scream house with Evans. The little fingers circled the glans of his member and he moaned loudly.

"Moony..." he moaned and a light appeared and lightly invaded Sirius' bed through the crack in the curtain, someone had entered the room and Sirius covered his lips with his free hand. He heard heavy footsteps.

Oh damn! Moony had heard! thought Sirius, but soon the footsteps stopped, the door slammed and there was silence. Sirius crawled to the small crack in the curtain and looked into the dark room. Nothing.

Then he lay down, settling himself between the white comforters, bit his lip at the thought of Remus, his strong body, his broad shoulders, he moaned loudly, arching his back and gasping his best friend's name.

Moony... Moony... Moony...

He felt guilty, they had been best friends for years, Remus probably saw him as a brother and Sirius couldn't bear to imagine his expression when he found out about the disgusting things she thought about him.

On the other side of the curtain was Remus, holding his static tie, standing by the hardwood door, listening to his best friend moan for him. Shit! he thought.

He had finished his prefect shift at eleven, but he didn't expect to be regular form. The object had an orgasm, and there was silence, it did not take a few minutes and Remus popped the bed to stir and soon the moans returned, louder and a wet noise. Oh shit! He couldn't have been…proposed, and was sneaky peeking through the crack in the curtain. His cock pulsed very hard, Sirius was now on all fours, punching his fingers inside his entrance, moaning loudly for his moony. Her moans sounding like a bitch, her tiny hand tightened on the comforter as he pounded her little fingers into her entrance. He let out thin moans and Remus lifted his body completely stunned, unzipped it and began the back and forth movements, looking for relief. He squeezed his own cock and bit down hard on his lower lip, holding onto Sirius' bed as he hit one. He heard Sirius' second orgasm and silence, though he could still hear Sirius' labored breathing. Remus came at the curtain in total silence. After a few seconds of thinking, he opened the Sirius curtain and stared at him seriously, with the most penetrating look he had, Sirius jumped, sitting back on his heels, pulling the duvet to cover below his waist, as he was still wearing his shirt. .

"H-how long have you been there?" Sirius babbled.

"Long enough to hear him call" said and Sirius blushed.

"and I ..."

"Is this shirt mine?" Remus asked seriously and Sirius blushed even more, not knowing how to react to that situation "take her off" he ordered and Sirius stood still "take her off!" his voice exasperated and Sirius gasped, ripping off his shirt and handing it over with trembling hands.

Remus caught it and threw it away and then slowly unbuckled his belt as he looked at the smaller one, Sirius gulped, he was red as a tomato and his cock stiffened as he saw the taller one throw the belt, on the bed, lower the zipper and unbuttoned her blouse. The taller one pulled the duvet, revealing his friend's bare thighs, pulled them up and kissed the inside of them, Sirius gasped in surprise and hoped it wasn't a dream again, he let out a moan so loud as the bigger one fell and sucked his stick with a strength that even Slytherins could hear from the dungeons.

"Oh moony!" he moaned, dipping his little fingers into Remus' brown strands.

pop! Remus removed his mouth from the cock and looked at him.

"what were you thinking?" Remus asked and Sirius looked at him confused "while masturbating what were you thinking?"

"you…" he whispered breathlessly "you were fucking me on all fours in that bed" he said and Remus smiled.

"and is this what you want?" he asked, although he already knew the answer, Sirius nodded, but Remus wasn't happy, he slapped the smaller boy on the thigh so hard that Sirius moaned loudly and slyly, leaving his fingers etched into the satiny skin. "Answer bitch," he muttered through gritted teeth and Sirius nodded frantically.

"yes yes, that's what I want"

"Fine," he said and put the boy on all fours on the bed, burying his face between the soft bands of Sirius' big ass, who was moaning loudly. Remus penetrated Sirius' entrance with his tongue mercilessly and the boy moaned lightly, causing Moony's cock to boil and he slapped his ass.

"It's big…" he said and Sirius blushed "tell me, what did you do?" Sirius was silent "which hand was it?" he asked and Sirius still didn't answer, getting a series of slaps on the ass.

"That's it" he held up his little hand and Remus grabbed it, squeezed his little fingers and sucked them, Sirius looked like a tomato which wasn't normal since he was so confident in everything.

"you like to take it in the ass, right?" he said and Sirius nodded "ok I'll eat you very well" Sirius nodded biting his lip "but you're going to suck me first will you? Want some milk?"

"Yes Yes!" he exclaimed, crawling to the end of the bed and sitting back on his heels, Remus took his cock out of his pants and showed it to the practically drooling padfoot, in front of that gigantic venous phallus, he opened his mouth, making eye contact with Moony who took it his cock to Sirius' mouth, filling him. Sirius grabbed Remus' pelvis, straightened and stretched his ass to show off, but all he got was a series of slaps that had the boy moaning maliciously against his man's cock, making him moan with the vibration.

"bitch!" he exclaimed, standing in front of the bed, he cast a non-verbal spell that wouldn't make anyone approach the room's entrance and another that would lubricate Sirius, who felt the ice cream inside him, his head coming and going, delighting. with Moony's thick cock "enough", a pout grew on Sirius' lips and Remus slapped his face.

"You've done my prep work now, I'm going to destroy you baby" he said and Sirius continued to stare at him until he received another slap "Turn on all fours" Sirius did and took all of Remus inside him, releasing a scream.

"m-moony! you…you…" couldn't finish, her moans took over her mind and Sirius acted like a whore, moaning loudly and tossing his hair out, Remus grabbed the strands and tugged, pushing at his pelvis against Sirius, by this time, everyone in the community was completely silent, hearing Sirius' screams, the tearful moans and the bed hitting the wall. Marlene scratched her throat, but attention remained on the sound of what sounded like a porn movie.

sirius closed his legs and collapsed on the bed, taking moony with him, who punched him inside and slapped the brunette on the ass until he made him moan "bitch, you won't escape!" she yelled, pushing hard at Sirius "taste good? huh?" sirius nodded frantically and moaned desperately "answer bitch!"

"yes yes daddy very good" he moaned mischievously and Remus continued to thrust into himself, he came inside him and although Sirius had already come twice he continued to thrust mercilessly. Tears ran down Sirius' little face, who couldn't feel his legs anymore, and he moaned tearfully "more more".

Remus chuckled at Sirius' state "this is for you to learn to pay attention in spells class you bitch" cursed and Sirius grinned.

"But you didn't cast a silencer either," Sirius teased, looking at him teasingly over his shoulder.

"yes it's true but do you know why?" he asked and Sirius felt him slow down, lunging at himself with excruciating slowness "so everyone knows how good I am at teaching manners" and after that he resumed the hard, fast thrusts, Sirius rolled his eyes, his little arms falling. they got tired he went to lie down on the bed "now I'm going stronger to show them how you shouldn't answer me" he said and turned the brunette's body, continuing with the thrusts.

"this daddy is it!" he howled and Remus smiled with the nickname "milk, milk please daddy", he exclaimed in despair and Remus cracked his smile.

"milk, is it baby?" smiled and Sirius nodded.

"please" begged and Remus came on his first one.

Sirius came, for a few minutes he fell asleep and Remus just stood there looking at him. A few minutes he went down to communal and everyone was looking at him, marlene smiled amusedly, but with the serious look he gave her she broke the expression.

"dude..." frank started "you're good" commented, finally when everyone got on with their lives, frank approached where Remus was, smoking by the window "uh...teach me?" he joked and Remus chuckled.

"moony!" Sirius called and Remus ran into the bedroom.

"What's up, pads?"

"Did we do something?..." he seemed hesitant to ask.

"it wasn't a dream baby"

"so…can I sit on your dick?" his little eyes sparkled.

what will become of my dick? regretted Remus in thought, but running to get his pants off.

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