daniel-west- Daniel Scott West

This poetry book is a second book of poetry by Daniel West Charming Print Publications (c.) 2010 [email protected]

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Epic Journey Home

[email protected]

book 1 Freedom Call

book 2 Emerald City


A strong upright support a singular in the artists work what we do most often will in the seemless fringes; the details reveal the entails the grit of one man suffering without heart we retain and remember. logic the only path. when we are broken we prevail.without question in any land of good intentions.


what lays ahead beyond the dead all life's deaisions fision and fusion in ryme lyrics I climb; number the age of my immortal pages stacked away gems uncut and piled apon a work of will epic and designed; I am a rider of freedom and Truth where I am when all goes rong my song only ends with me; may it be that you see and believe I am still within my wards as all I am is ink and paper.


week older nothing bolder; I am free to share my world what I see with these dreams what ward is streaming a scream of echos where I've been what misadventure reader my friend coming along my journey what fears abade now far away asylem in easy going nothing bowing I send fresh fare a well within my timing luck as it is met with hesitatation a selibration to crumbling stuff at pace with what I find nothing more kind then warm invetation. peace at home work will grow what was lost in mention.


pain the fuel sewing a reeping reward fixed focus on what was stored filtered faze a fraze amaze a dazzling sonit songs of the road all that corodes a waistland of seasoned symphony gifted guides a sightless growth forming form floating the unknown strole along my hapless song weird road what belongs a passage sets going home hope a delivery devowers storm. sad notes undertone a drone krooning from mention never wrong. a free flow sightless bond a moment a magic wand. pulling all close fading faze season brings clowdy days aging a grace behind a man cluster crawling mounds of sand.


a long lasting hope as you walk my way the day of home the rain the lonely day I found myself alone a planet of lonely people roaming hoping to know a warm glow a hearth toasty toes clamering the subway we all seek that day reside in a place of dreams a city may be a scene not meant for the great you and well-done the best of our size is what we know of our limitations luminate as we gather among the sites of Seattle my City.


I am as I was would be nice to see the place of birth as I the city creating as we do fantastic relief the road not so far away coming a day of dreams to zootown streets as I see worlds apart the family I left behind wonder of my home why choose they have their neighbors we are not so far the best parts are already here waiting for exploration sensation of a guide family's best when all aside corus of us a Creation mess something that has been and lots to see.


research the old as youth is unoticed and vanity keeps the young as aging changing jaded souls clear and blue wash away the years of aimless molandering a cooperation of soul learning what gold is true nesting of wits knowing as living effort time singing rhyming as a conversation.

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