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Getting started

When you start to read this book, I would like to let you know I understand your struggles. Middle school, home, or even in the city/town. Hi, I am Amy. I made the handy helpers book for girls that in need of advice.

Most girls find themselves in situations where they do not know what to do. But that's why I made these books for girls so they can plan ahead of time. Lots of girls I know had a hard time because they did not plan ahead of time. But lucky you, you found this book!

This book will teach you how to survive middle school, study hard, and take care of yourself and your space around you. Because YOUR life matters! I care a lot for girls in need or that need advice.

When you read through this book make sure you keep track of the motto's or tips that are Bolded, those Bolded text will help. If you can't find the page you were at just look at the context page.

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