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a nanny and 3 kids get lost in space a astronaut a very smart kid and one grumpy butler save them on chase's birthday

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Friends in space

there once was a very famous family they had 4 kids 1 butler and a nanny the four kids parent Emily and Jarret went to Hollywood for a new movie the nanny Kenzie was decorating for one of the kids birthday Emma Chris and Ashley helped Kenzie the butler hated the kids but since he was the butler he had to bake the cake "Nick can you make chocolate cake with banana frosting?" Kenzie asked and the butler said "fine fine but I won't promise anything about eating the cake" Kenzie sighed and went back to find lots of Chris toys Chase wanted "wow your giving him all if that for his birthday?" she asked then Chris said "yep I know how much Chase wanted them" a few minutes later chase called Kenzie "hey Kenzie can you get a science book for my birthday?" chase asked Kenzie got it for his birthday but she wants it to be a surprise so she lied "sorry those are expensive I can't buy it" Kenzie said chase sighed and hung up then Kenzie called an astronaut to come over for a birthday surprise meanwhile Ashley came over to have a drink when she saw the banana frosting "don't mind if I do" she said nick came back to bake the cake and saw Ashley trying to eat the banana frosting "ay! don't touch eat or look at it until it's on the cake" the butler said "come on I want some banana frosting" Ashley said nick took the banana frosting and went to hide it once Kenzie called the astronaut chase came down and saw the astronaut

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