caseymatildajones Casey Jones

imagine...if the loser club met when they were 17,18. their all different, all changed, just a lil, except there's a new girl in the group. casey jones, female trashmout kis sister to henry browsers. see is 15 so younger than everyone else, but she sees the clown...her fucking fear. the loser club had history when they were 13,14 and now...casey is seeing shit. wat if casey was supposed to meet them when they were 13...but diddent bc of her mother shes seeing it now...and are they!!!

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Chapter One

my eyes shoot open as soon as my alarm clock goes off. i sigh remembering what day it is. its the last day of school. why cant we just skip it all together? why have one last day? its summer give me a break for Christ sake!!! i groggily sit up and look around my dim lit up room. see, since i have to wake up at 6:00 am, its like..extremely dark, and looks creepy as fuck! especially counting the fact that my closet door wont stay closed so its just wide open, with me just sitting here waiting for a fucking clown to walk out. i fucking hate clowns!!! my room actually isn't that creepy. i mean it has a coupe of "gorillaz" and "nirvana" posters, the walls are painted black, a nice desk next to my window for when i do graffiti posters and shit, its actually a nice room, its just that its the 90s now, and ive seen way too many horror movies. i always starts with a nice room like this looking like an apartment room, and then shit goes down. i mean am i wrong? i get up and go to my closet swinging open the doors and turning on the light. i pick out my outfit which consists of black shorts, black tank top, fishnets, a blue purple and black short sleeved flannel, and my dirty and hella old black chuck Taylor's. i take one more look at myself in the mirror adding some black lipstick, mascara and black eye make up and then im off dude. i grab my skateboard and really quietly head downstairs making sure not to wake up my dad, Because if he wakes up, he'll beat the shit outta me. Butch Bowers. i cant believe that name is in my fucking family. luckily i took after my mother, Jones. but still. for butch bowers or even Henry for that matter to be related to me is torture. that like their father son bond is to beat up the girl. yet they dont actually bond, its just something they really really liked to do. i made it down the stairs and shit. speak of the devil. my brother was standing there in a sleeveless hillbilly shirt, sharpening his pocket knife. Henry just stood there looking down, the sharp screeching of the knife slowly going on and on. i started to walk tor wards the door when i heard a annoying voice from behind me. "you know you look like a whore right?" i slowly turned around and looked at my brother "Henry, i wish i could kick you...but...why should i improve your looks?" he shakes his head and smirks "nice insult" i smirk and cross my arms "im not insulting you, im describing you" he looks up and smirks again making me gag inside. "little sis, ur kinda sounding like me, with these smart insults" i step back torwards the door and smirk again. "hmm, keep talking maybe youll say something inteligent" he steps closer as his facial expressions are getting meaner " you think ur so smart...dont ya?" he then puts a hand on my throat and i lift my head up and make a face saying...try me motherfucker!!! "yea, but for people like you, i had to pay an admission" his grip tightens around my neck, and i feel myself loosing air. hes squeezing harder and harder and the more herder he squeezes the more my neck burns. "HENRY, GODDAMMIT!!!" his grip drops and he jumps away from me letting me slowly fall to the ground and slide down the door. dad is standing in his cop uniform, older and uglier and pissed. "casey get ur ass to school" he says through gritted teeth, not taking an eye off me. i hesitate for a second, but then get up and run out the door. i know my dad is gonna beat the shit outta henry, and i know i shouldnt care, but deep inside, i really do. thats why i hesitate. i love my brother and i dont want him to hurt me, but at the same time, him and my father BOTH can burn in hell!!!!

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