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Rafael Christnom is an ordinary guy who lives in Baguio. He is not wealthy, but he is intelligent. He has a friend named Kaiden Selacio, who comes from a wealthy family and is an heir. They became best friends, but Kaiden and his family unexpectedly left the country to continue their business in States. Rafael was truly sad and he is patiently waiting for Kaiden's return, but he never came. Rafael had forgotten about abou Kaiden and had focused to his studies after a few years. He even received a college scholarship to States. Rafael met Kaiden in the United States a few months later, and they developed a relationship and managed to make good memories until tragedy struck. Kaiden's parents arranged for him and another woman to marry for business reasons. Rafael was terribly wounded, and they were forced to end their relationship. Love can be inconvenient at times.You will love someone in your life, but it will never be at the right time...

Romantizm Young Adult Romance 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#drama #Romance #LGBTQ+ #sadromance
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“Do you think we'll still be together when we're older?” said Rafael

“Maybe, but I promised to find you and i will definitely marry you.” Said Kaiden while smiling

A few days later, bad news showed up. It was rumored that Kaiden's family would leave the country and relocate to the states due to their business.

Rafael cried uncontrollably as he found out Kaiden was leaving the country. Rafael cried uncontrollably as he found Kaiden was leaving him.

“Do you think Kaiden will return, Mother?” Rafael questioned, his eyes wide with interest.

“Of course, he will come back, my dear.” His mother responded with a smile.

Rafael was overjoyed, and he sat patiently waiting for Kaiden to return. A few years have passed Rafael eventually forgot about Kaiden and concentrated on his studies, he even earned a Collage Scholarship to the states.

"Hi, can I sit next to you?" the man asked.

"Sure" Rafael replied.

"Thank you" the guy said.

Rafael recognized the man, but he can't recall who it was. Days passed, and they always ran into each other in a cafe. Until they asked each other their names.

“My name is Rafael, and you can call me Rafa."

“My name is Kaiden, but you can call me Kai."

"It's strange that you seemed familiar, but I suppose I mistook you," Rafael said.

“Same goes for me, it was a pleasure to meet you.” Kaiden implied.

“It was also a pleasure to meet you.” Said Rafael

Rafael left the cafe without realizing he had forgotten his scarf. But it was just a coincidence that Kaiden was wearing his scarf. They get to know each other better and better as the days pass. They also discovered that they are childhood friends. Until they have a wonderful relationship and have made wonderful memories. However, things went awry a few months later when Kaiden's wedding was set up by his parents.

Rafael was also invited to Kaiden's wedding, and Kaiden's parents asked Rafael to send Kaiden a message as a bestfriend. The fact that Kaiden's parents are unaware of Rafael and Kaiden's relationship. Rafael walked up to Kaiden and grabbed the microphone. Kaiden was shocked when he noticed Rafael in front of him, holding the microphone while trembling.

“I really adore someone, but he is no longer mine. I recently found that he is engaged with someone, which broke my heart because I really love that guy. I'm not sure why this would be the end of our love story; it is utterly unfair. Why did you leave me full of curiosity, did you even love me for real since that day we met at a cafe? You didn't even return the scarf I left in a cafe, but amidst how much you hurt me, I still love you, and I hope you know that. I'll cherish those wonderful memories we shared for the rest of my life. I’m hoping you’ll do your best for the Woman you’re with. I know it's strange to stand here and say this kind of story, It's just that I wish I'd had the opportunity to experience this special ceremony at some moment in life. I wish Kaiden and Elaiza a happy and wonderful life. Congratulations.”

Rafael broke into tears as he hugged Kaiden one last time.

Rafael whispered to Kaiden, "I love you" as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Rafa" Kaiden said while his eyes welling up with tears.

Love can be inconvenient at times.You will fall in love with someone in your life, but it will never be at the right time...

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