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This is an urban legend about a girl named Katie who kills anyone that is mean or a bully by eating their upper body and turning that bully into a demon

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Kısa Hikaye
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There was a girl named Katie who went to an unnamed school in Mobile County.

but the bullying was too bad, the bullies were Addison, Jade, and Courtney

i it got so bad that she decided to eat jades upper body and have her suffer in agony

then Courtney and Addison wanted her to die and suffer the same agony that Jade had to suffer

but she ate Courtney's upper body as well, no two of the police have suffered in agony

then Addison wanted to continue bullying Katie but Kaylee got so mad at her for doing that and decided it was best for Addie to go, so she ate Addison's upper body as well, then ran out into the woods nowhere to be seen

then every year on November 15Killer kitty will call you

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